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Change Leadership Consulting

Change Leadership Consulting
with Dr. Shirley Droese

I offer individual and team consultations to help leaders build capacity for nurturing a strengths-based, solution-focused, and caring school culture that supports staff and students in their learning and the pursuit of their personal and professional dreams.


With a career in education spanning over 30 years, I have served as a teacher and senior leader of K-12 schools in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Qatar, and India. As an experienced, leader, coach, and mentor for academic leaders, I am a strategic and collaborative thinking partner for our clients.

Shirley Droese, PhD (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis)

Organizational Development Consultant
and Change Leadership Coach

Common focus areas for change leadership consulting include…

  • How can a focus on strengths and solutions support our strategic goals and accreditation processes?

  • How do we create a shared vision for a strengths-based, solution-focused, school culture?

  • How can we build leadership capacity, capability, and impact through Positive Leadership practices?

  • How can we embed a strengths and solution focus into our existing vehicles for personal/professional growth?

  • Where is the best place to start with building a strengths-based, solution-focused culture?

  • How do we generate a self-sustaining cultural shift that endures and grows despite staff attrition?

  • What should we consider when designing our implementation strategy and road map?

  • How can we measure impact and celebrate growth as we nurture a strengths-based, solution-focused culture?

Change Leadership Consulting with Shirley

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Change Leadership Consulting Services

  • Facilitating meaningful, purpose-driven dialogue

  • Analyzing relevant data to support decision-making

  • Building buy-in with key stakeholder groups schoolwide

  • Linking your vision to core organizational change drivers

  • Articulating a change strategy based on what already works well

  • Constructing, sharing, and reinforcing key messages regularly

  • Navigating obstacles, removing barriers, and rewarding growth

  • Creating a realistic road map based on a series of short-term goals

  • Managing mindset and energy around the pace of change

  • Celebrating successes and telling the story of your change journey

Comments From My Clients
Ylva K. pic..png

"Shirley consistently delves into matters to grasp the broader context and adeptly mentors, guiding individuals toward a clear understanding of their next steps for personal growth. Her articulate expression of emotions makes collaboration a delight. She excels in bridging gaps, appreciating cultural nuances, and fostering unity among diverse teams."

Ylva - Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications, and Alumni


"Dr. Droese draws upon an extensive knowledge in educational leadership, particularly in the context of international schools, to provide invaluable insights for educators seeking professional growth.  Her attentive listening, coupled with targeted and thought-provoking questions encourage deep exploration of one’s goals and approaches to professional challenges.  For many years, I’ve found our conversations to be extremely valuable in my own professional journey, especially at critical junctures, when faced with complex or nuanced challenges, and in moments when a little encouragement is needed."

Wyatt - International School Administrator


"My coaching session with Shirley made such a positive impact on my professional journey. By emphasizing my strengths and past accomplishments, she guided me to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and navigate challenges with newfound confidence. Shirley brings great empathy and insightful guidance to her approach to coaching which is a reflection of her own journey as an educator, leader, and mentor.” 

Launa Gauthier, PhD, Educational Consultant

Melissa Pic.jpeg

"After one 30-minute session with Shirley, I felt more clear about where I wanted to steer my international teaching career. Shirley had a way of pointing out strengths in me that I hadn't recognized myself. Shirley is uniquely qualified to formulate and pose pertinent questions to international teachers. Her many years of experience in educational leadership and work in many cultures informed the specific follow-up questions she asked me."

Melissa - Choral Music Teacher

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