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Change Leadership Consulting

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Change Leadership Consulting
with Dr. Shirley Droese

I offer individual and team consultations to help leaders build capacity for nurturing a strengths-based, solution-focused, caring school culture that supports staff and students in their learning and the pursuit of their personal and professional dreams. As a certified coach and experienced mentor for academic leaders, I am a strategic and collaborative thinking partner for our clients.

Common focus areas for change leadership consulting include…

  • Creating a shared and strategically-aligned future vision for building a strengths-based, solution-focused, caring school culture

  • Forming your Positive Peer Coaching team and defining the scope of work

  • Exploring opportunities for embedding Positive Peer Coaching practices into existing vehicles for personal and professional growth and development

  • Designing your implementation strategy, key messaging, and road map for launching and sustaining a Peer Coaching Program program 

  • Supporting impact analysis and development of change leadership skills using an empowering, participatory, and distributed leadership approach


With a career in education spanning over 30 years, I have served as a teacher and senior leader of K-12 schools in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Qatar, and India. You can read comments from my past collaborators below, to get a sense for the outcomes we achieve together.

Shirley Droese, PhD (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis)

Organizational Development Consultant

and Change Leadership Consultant

Change Leadership Consulting with Shirley

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Change Leadership Consulting Services

  • Facilitating meaningful, purpose-driven dialogue

  • Analyzing relevant data to support decision-making

  • Building buy-in with key stakeholder groups schoolwide

  • Linking your vision to core organizational change drivers

  • Articulating a change strategy based on what already works well

  • Constructing, sharing, and reinforcing key messages regularly

  • Navigating obstacles, removing barriers, and rewarding growth

  • Creating a realistic road map based on a series of short-term goals

  • Managing mindset and energy around the pace of true change

  • Celebrating successes and telling the story of your change journey


1-hour Sounding Board Session: €250

Package of 6x 1-hour Consulting Sessions: €1200

You can pay by credit card, or we can invoice your organization.

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