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Positive Expat Parents Program

Strengthening Your Family Abroad

A Global Online Learning and Coaching Community

for Expat (and ex-Expat) Parents of Kids Ages 4-18

We're putting together a community especially for you - expat parents who want to raise happy, healthy, resilient kids while making the most of your adventures living abroad.

Learn How to Be a Strengths-Based, Positive Parent with Courses That Fit Your Schedule


Some have called parenting "the toughest job you'll ever love." Throw some international moves into the mix, and things can get even more challenging! We want to make it easier for you, with short and sharp online parenting courses you can take at a time and pace that suits your busy international family life.


Our evidence-based parenting courses equip you with the essential building blocks for establishing strong family relationships and raising kids who are confident, capable, and caring people. They also help you navigate the unique challenges of raising families abroad.

What you'll learn in these parenting courses is immediately applicable, eye-opening and empowering (some past workshop participants have even called it life-changing). And we'll be offering much more than courses in this program...


Get Personal Support from Certified Coaches, Counselors, and Parenting/Family Life Educators

In addition to all of our positive parenting courses, your Positive Expat Parent (PEP) membership includes weekly access to certified coaches, counselors, and parenting/family life educators, who are also expat parents. They'll help you implement and apply your learning in your day-to-day family life.


You can join our regular live online coaching circles (multi-time zone friendly options) and/or you can submit your questions and watch recorded answers later.


In our coaching circles, you'll be able to ask questions, share your specific challenges, and get practical, positive, evidence-based support - all grounded in the sciences of positive psychology, human development, and family systems dynamics.

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Share the Parenting Journey with an Online Community of Positive Expat Parents


Your membership also includes a moderated online community where you can connect with like-minded expat parents around the world.


These are people who understand that...

  • waking up a jet-lagged 6 year-old for school

  • supporting a 13 year-old on orientation day in a sea of strangers

  • establishing boundaries with an 18 year-old who can drink legally in one place but not another

  • single-parenting when your partner travels so much, and your family and friends are thousands of miles away


...all requires a certain type of centeredness and a special parenting"touch." 

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Learn, Grow, and Thrive in a Peer Coaching and Mentoring Community


 The PEP Community will be a practical, positive place where you can comfortably share, grow, and lean into the challenges of parenting kids, tweens, and teens while living internationally.


We'll provide every community member with training in positive dialogue and peer coaching to help us co-create a warm, solutions-focused environment where we can provide the best possible support for each other.


The online community will be moderated by our course instructors who are certified counselors and coaches, along with carefully selected mentors who are experienced expat parents themselves.

How does all that sound to you?

We hope you're as excited as we are!

We'll have a lot more to tell you about the Positive Expat Parents Program in the upcoming months, including course details, instructor and mentor bios, pricing, and more. We'll also be asking for your input on how we can make the program as useful for you as possible. 

If you'd like for us to keep you posted on the details as they emerge, please click the blue button below and sign up to receive PEP updates.


People on our updates list will also be given an early-bird opportunity to join our first cohort and lock in a special founding member rate.

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