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Build Your Positive Psychological Capital


This fun, practical, and research-backed program helps members of the Positivity Playground build their psychological wellbeing through a series of 5-Day Coaching Challenges that can be completed individually, with a partner, or as a team.

When you build your Positive Psychological Capital (PsyCap) in this program, you'll develop a set of internal resources that will help you navigate life's ups and downs feeling...

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Build Your Inner SuperHEROES

In the Positive Foundation program, we focus on building 7 Core Positivity and Wellbeing Competencies.


These competencies are grounded in the science of positive psychology and have been shown to improve wellbeing, performance, and collaboration.

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ They spell out the fun acronym "SuperHEROES"...

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💪 Superpowers (Strengths)

🎯 Hope

🦁 Efficacy

🌤️ Resilience

🙌 Optimism


Solutions Focus

What's in a 5-Day Coaching Challenge?


The Challenges include daily microlearning videos (10-15 minutes) from your Host/Lead Coach Kristin Lowe on the psychological science behind the topic/tool of the day, a brief application exercise (5-10 minutes), online and/or on-site coaching from Kristin and our team of Certified Positive Peer Coaches, and support from your fellow Challengers.  

When you complete the Positive Foundation program, you'll be able to...


Focus more on strengths - what’s right with yourself and others - rather than what’s “wrong”


Generate multiple, flexible pathways to achieving goals - individually and as part of a team

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Feel more confident, able to handle challenges and new situations with a “can do” attitude


Expand your coping skills and “bounce-back” muscles that help you grow through difficult circumstances

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View situations with realistic optimism and worry less about things you can’t control


Generate more positive emotions and manage negative emotions effectively

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Think less about problems and focus more on solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.

How Do You Complete a Challenge?


The Challenges are asynchronous, so you can join one anytime, on your own or with a partner/small group. You might like to work through Challenges together as a grade-level or departmental team so everybody benefits from the same learning experience together.


You can complete a Challenge in 5 consecutive days, or take your time working through it at your own pace. Each time you complete a 5-Day Coaching Challenge, you'll receive a badge.


Complete all 7 Challenges to receive your Positive Foundation Certificate!

What Participants Say

I just finished the Thinking Optimistically 5-day Coaching Challenge, and it was great.


I'm reflecting a lot on the types of thoughts I have after positive and negative experiences and I'm going to work on turning my ANTs into PETs :)


An important takeaway was to consider how thinking differently can really lead to feeling differently.

I just completed my 5 Day Strengths Challenge feeling more confident about my strengths and how I am going to use them to support myself in meeting my personal goals.


The hardest. part was asking for feedback from others BUT the most rewarding was receiving the feedback from others, as well.


I feel more confident in stating my strengths and using them to amplify my skills and support me as I work through challenges.

Thank you for a great week! I liked the pace and length of the lessons.


Some of the challenges were quite difficult but I learned a lot by reaching out, and by identifying my role models and cheerleaders.


I have already re-watched some of the videos and I hope I can go back and watch them again.


These are big topics for me and I know I’ll need a lot more practice, but I’m on the right track.

I started the Challenge knowing that I badly need to boost my confidence.


 After completing this workshop, I feel stronger, happier, and definitely more confident. 


I love how each day the activities gradually moved us from comfortable/familiar situations to more risky zones, yet I felt safe and supported during the whole journey.

I loved the guided visualization. Thinking of myself in a fully confident position made me feel amazing.


After I finished, I felt like I could maybe 'fake it till I make it' so to speak. I can adopt a more confident stance ahead of teaching observations and when leading meetings.

I really learned a lot from this challenge and I feel confident that I have some tools that will increase my confidence in future situations.

I really, really enjoyed the process of discovering and uncovering strengths.


I like the format of the course and the specific outcomes that we could access.


The tasks allowed for us to think about our strengths and I hadn't thought about strengths being used at the 'wrong time.' That could be a whole new area of discovery for me.

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