Positive Parent Community

Strengthening Families Living Internationally

We're bringing together international parents who want to build positivity and wellbeing in their families while connecting with like-minded parents around the world.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You're overwhelmed, trying to help your kids manage all the academic and social pressures they're facing every day.

You're struggling to connect with your kids, often feeling distant or angry and like you keep saying the wrong things.

You feel alone and worn out from trying to cope with everything without trusted friends or family nearby.

There is Another Way.

Imagine If Instead, You Could...

Have confidence that you're making well-informed parenting choices that build your kids' capabilities and wellbeing every day.

Communicate calmly and positively with your family, working through decisions, routines, & disagreements with mutual respect.

Be energised by a positive global support network of international parents who share similar challenges, priorities, and experiences.

Well, we've got some good news for you...

You’re just seconds away from all the resources, coaching, and community support you need to help you be a calm, confident, and positive parent.

Welcome to...

The Positive Parent Community

An online membership for international parents who want to help their entire family thrive. 

As a member of the Positive Parent Community, you'll...

Spend more time building upon what's right with yourself and your kids instead of trying to fix what's "wrong"

Learn how to generate more positive emotions and manage your negative emotions - and help your kids learn to do the same

Find ways to center yourself despite the crazy-busy pace of modern family life, and show your kids how to find peace and calm as well

Improve your ability to have meaningful, solutions-focused conversations with your kids, helping them build relationship skills

Build your family's "bounce-back" muscles to help everybody navigate challenges with confidence, resilience, and optimism

Develop good self-care and personal productivity habits, so you can help your kids establish their own healthy goals and routines

Deepen your knowledge of the issues that impact kids growing up internationally so you can build proactive supports for your family

What Parents Say About Our Approach


Digital Marketing & Communications Strategist

American married to Dutch with one child born in New York,

living in Holland

"I really enjoyed my positive parenting coaching session with Kristin and would highly recommend working with her. We spoke during the middle of the lockdown when I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and wanted to learn how I could be a better mother in order to support my son during virtual schooling. Kristin gave me the tools to power through the lockdown with a more positive outlook and help my son enjoy virtual schooling and develop his strengths during the lockdown."


PTO President
International School

American married to

Norwegian with two kids,

living in Holland

“I love these ideas; they gave me energy and focus. What is most remarkable about Kristin is her warmth, her humour, and her knowledge. She created a safe space for us to share some very personal information and to feel comfortable in the setting. 


Kristin is passionate about sharing these remarkable concepts and has been guiding our community to look inwards and think about where we are putting our energies and how it will help us, and our children move forward.”




Hungarian married to Canadian (Greek/French) with three kids born in Austria, living in Holland

"I have found the strength switch in myself and experienced how much lighter and brighter communication and life is with the switch on. 


Although I still experience power shortages and short circuits, I am keeping my hands on the switch from now on.


Thank you Kristin."

Join Us Inside the Positive Parent Community!

Community Membership


Community-Based Learning & Support



per month, including VAT

7-day free trial period

Coaching Membership


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When you join the Positive Parent Community, here's what you'll get...

A research-backed system for intentionally building positivity and wellbeing in every family member (including yourself!)

Ongoing learning & coaching opportunities: book clubs,
5-day coaching challenges, and special offers on our courses & learning labs

Evidence-based mini video trainings twice monthly on topics chosen by members, so you can get reliable, real-time, professional guidance

Our 20-page workbook: The Positive Parent's Guide to Family Wellbeing, with self-assessments to help you decide where to focus first

Weekly discussion threads, intention-setting & check-ins to help you apply your learning to establish self-care & positive parenting practices

Direct access to certified coaches and counselors who will answer your specific questions and cheer you along your parent journey*

A positive and supportive moderated community of like-minded parents where you can be yourself, get real support, & renew your energy

A curated resource bank of positive parenting articles and guest expert interviews so you can learn what you need, when you need it

Weekly drop-in Zoom coaching circles to help you talk through & find solutions for your biggest self-care and parenting challenges*

*Starred items are included in the Traveller Level Coaching Membership

Meet Our Parent Coaches​

Megan Ross


Director of the

Positive Parents Program


I'm a certified counselor and family life educator, and I've been involved in student and family programming within the Hong Kong International School community for over 10 years. 


I live in Hong Kong with my husband and two young children.

Kristin Lowe


Founder of Solros

Development Group


​I'm a former international school teacher now working as an organisational psychologist, certified positive psychology coach, and strengths-based parenting educator. 


My husband and I have raised three terrific teen/young adult daughters in four countries.

Our Story

We understand international family life. It is never easy to leave, and sometimes it’s even harder to arrive someplace new. We relentlessly pursue adventure and leave behind the creature comforts of a place we once called “home”... and where is home now?


We're mothers, friends, and people-helpers who have been living outside of our "home" country for most of our adult lives. We found each other in an international church community in Hong Kong while Kristin's girls were in elementary and middle school, and Megan was working with children and youth.


We find ourselves 10 years later with many miles between us - Kristin in the Netherlands and Megan in Hong Kong, and oodles of parenting, coaching, and counseling experiences under our belts. Kristin is walking alongside her "baby" as she finishes her last few years of high school, while Megan has just sent her little ones off to their first days of school.


Over the years we have had many conversations about parenting - the challenges and blessings, and the speed at which our children grow and change. We are kindred spirits in the unique ways we approach parenting from the perspective of living intentionally and internationally.

We've noticed a lot of common questions and challenges in the lives of the families we work with, and we wanted to pool our energy to create something that could provide meaningful, uplifting support for as many international families as possible.

Kristin has a wealth of experience in consulting and coaching - helping people to understand their strengths and achieve what matters most to them. Megan’s depth of understanding has come from working with children, youth, and families, facilitating programs that help them connect, grow, and thrive.


While we have been honoured to work with so many people over the years, we both feel our greatest calling is raising our kids to be happy, healthy, and resilient individuals within a global context so they can use their unique strengths to make a positive impact in the lives of people around them.

And if you want that for your family too, we'd like to walk alongside you..

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roller coaster.png

Why We Created This Community

We created the Positive Parent Community so you can have the ongoing support you need to look after yourself and build your family's wellbeing - all without stress, judgement, or loneliness.

As the old saying goes, "Parenting is the toughest job you'll ever love." Family life can feel like a roller coaster ride, full of thrills and joy - followed by sudden and scary drops. We do our best to cope with the challenges, but most people have not had any training in how to develop healthy family relationships and nurture positive emotional development. So we're making it up as we go along.


Many days we go to bed thinking there must be a better way, but we just don't know where to turn. We feel guilty and inadequate, worried that our choices may cause irreparable damage for our kids in their future. We long for a deeper connection with our children, for our homes to be full of love, trust, respect, peace, and support. But we're tired, and the day-to-day challenges of family life keep tripping us up. And it can all feel pretty lonely sometimes.

The Positive Parent Community is a safe space where you can be real and get real support, anytime you need it. We'll cheer you on through the highs, and we'll support and strengthen you through the lows.

What Parents Say About Our Approach


International School Teacher

American married to American, with two kids,

living in Hong Kong

“Megan has demonstrated a wealth of care and concern for my children’s developing identities and sense of security. When I have felt social pressure with parenting expectations, Megan has encouraged me in my desire to spend meaningful time bonding with my children.


Megan’s approach is simple and leaves me feeling equipped with a balance of practical logic and emotional support.” ​



American mother of four

living in Hong Kong

“Megan has the ability to sit in the presence of another person and listen attentively and ask questions.


She responds perfectly between non-judgmental and incredibly wise. 

Megan doesn’t offer advice but has the natural ability to validate and guide with kindness and empathy“

Is the Positive Parent Community Right for You?


That depends on your values and beliefs as a parent.

The Positive Parent Community is Not a Good Fit for You If...

  • You believe the best way to help your kids is to highlight their weaknesses so they can get better in those areas.


  • You think only weak or messed-up kids need to talk about feelings, stress, and social challenges.


  • You think your kids should do what you say simply because you’re the parent.


  • You think good grades are the most important thing in your children’s lives.


  • You think you need to be a perfect parent in order for your kids to turn out all right.


  • You don’t want to talk with other parents about parenting and family life.

  • You're content to leave your kids' development up to schools and tutors; they're the experts.

  • You’re not comfortable reflecting on your own personal development; you just want to learn some parenting techniques.

The Positive Parent Community is a Perfect Fit for You If...

  • You'd like to build upon your kids’ natural strengths so they can achieve what matters in ways that are effective and fulfilling for them.


  • You know that strong social-emotional health helps kids handle life’s ups and downs with confidence. 


  • You feel that all strong relationships are based on mutual respect – regardless of age.


  • You understand that academic performance is one of many important aspects of growing up.


  • You'd like to have space to learn and grow alongside your kids.

  • You enjoy sharing the ups and downs of parenting with other people on the journey.

  • You want to take an active role in raising your kids, helping them grow into confident, capable adults.

  • You can see that who you are as a person impacts how you behave as a parent and what your kids pick up from you every single day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this community for?

The Positive Parent Community is perfect for international parents who want to build positivity and wellbeing in your family while connecting with like-minded parents around the world.

You’ll benefit the most from this space if you see yourself described here..

- You have kids ages 4-18 - You're living outside of your "home" country - Your partner is from a different country/culture - You've repatriated after some time living abroad - You'll be moving internationally soon - You enjoy connecting with other parents online - You want to develop new skills for strengthening your family - You'd like support in taking care of yourself ("putting on your own mask first") - You have at least 30 minutes per week to spend engaging in the community - You like bite-sized learning formats like articles and 10-minute trainings

Is this really going to help me?

The sole purpose of creating this space is to help you feel connected and supported while discovering new ways to look after your entire family's wellbeing. So the short answer is YES.

A better answer is that we've designed the Positive Parent Community to be as low-stress and high-impact as possible for you. There's tremendous flexibility in how and when you engage in the conversations, coaching, and learning opportunities available for you. We’ve designed the Positive Parent Community especially for people like you who are ready to break free from parenting stress and judgmental online parent groups, and finally get the professional, ongoing support you need to look after yourself and proactively build your family's wellbeing.

Will I get access to Megan and Kristin inside the membership?

Yes - we're both very active in the community discussions. We also offer live Zoom Office Hours each month where you can stop by and chat with us. For ongoing direct access to us where you can always get your own specific questions answered, we suggest you join the Traveller Coaching Membership. That's where you can ask questions anytime on our Q&A board, which we monitor regulary and respond to every single question. In the Traveller Coaching Membership, we also host weekly drop-in coaching circles where you can get support from us in a group coaching setting. We do this in a 4-6 person hot-seat approach where we focus on each person's needs and goals in turn. You'll be amazed at how much can be accomplished in this format! And we're not the only people in the community who can coach you effectively! You can also join peer coaching groups and use our Coaching Conversation Guides with other Positive Parent Community members to help each other work through specfic challenges and make plans for achieving your most meaningful self-care and parenting goals.

How often are new resources released?

In the main community space, each week we post a new discussion topic related to one of our core wellbeing pathways, plus a relevant micro-learning (article or short video) to help you learn more about the science behind the topic. Throughout each week we facilitate an asynchronous, online conversation about the topic of the week. Twice per month we ask members to vote on a self-care or parenting topic they'd like to learn more about, and we provide a 10-minute evidence-based video training on that. Members can then ask questions and get answers on the training conversation thread. Each month we also provide a Guest Expert or Member Spotlight interview - an hour-long deep dive into a relevant self-care or parenting skills topic for our community. These interviews are focused on real-life application and cross-cultural adaptations. We provide a time-stamped interview summary so you can jump right to the parts of the interview that are most useful for you. In the Traveller Coaching Circle, we provide a new Peer Coaching Conversation Guide each quarter. These can be used in facilitated group sessions with Megan and Kristin, or members can get together in groups of three online to run their own Peer Coaching Circle. The Peer Coaching sessions enable members to get support with an issue they're working on at the moment, while at the same time building their own skills for facilitating strengths-based, solutions-focused, emotionally intelligent conversations with others. These skills can be applied with our kids, our partners, our workmates, our family members, and our friends.

Do I get immediate access to everything in the membership?

Yes - it's all available to you from Day 1 of your membership so that you can start exploring, learning, and connecting in the ways that will help you most.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, the minimum commitment is a 1-month subscription.

What if I join and I decide this isn't for me?

We do not offer refunds, but we do offer a free 7-day trial so you can have a look around and make an informed decision before your paid subscription begins. If you decide the Positive Parent Community is not right for you, you can cancel your membership easily anytime. All you'd need to do is email us to let us know that you'd like to cancel.* If you choose to leave the membership after your paid subscription has started, your account will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period within which you email us to cancel. *Please note that simply clicking "Leave Network" within the community app (Mighty Networks) will not stop your automated billing subscription. You'd need to email us so we can stop the billing cycle before it charges you again. Our customer service email address is on your receipt. Alternatively, you can send us a message here.

Join Us Inside the Positive Parent Community!

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Community-Based Learning & Support



per month, including VAT

7-day free trial period

Coaching Membership


Community Membership plus Coaching



per month, including VAT

7-day free trial period


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