Adaptability & Resilience in the International School Community

📰 In our newsletter this month, I shared a little theory I have about adaptability and resilience in the international school community - and I received a lot of interesting responses in reply. Here's what I said...

🌍 "My hunch is that people who choose to live/work internationally (including host-country nationals who work at international schools) are particularly high in what's known as "resiliency assets." These include initiative, creativity, positive self-perception, openness to new experiences, and a self-development orientation."

👇 One teacher responded with this message...

✈️ "I think you are right. Right now I hear friends and family back home telling me that they want to move abroad, but always have reasons they can't/won't. Some of the reasons are very legitimate, but others just seem very 'stuck' and 'afraid.' I called this move to teaching abroad 'a leap of faith.' And it was a big leap for us, but it was a pathway to making our life dreams come a reality. Moving abroad was not moving to a utopia, but another life lesson in looking at the best of a situation, and being open to new opportunities and new challenges."

💪 Do you know what your own resiliency assets are? And if so - how have they been serving you lately?


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