Adapting through Disruption

Happy New Year! 🎉

I hope you're feeling rested and refreshed after a few days off, as we certainly are.

🌻 I'm ready to make 2021 as positive as possible, and I look forward to supporting each of you and your school communities this year.

I'd like to share a quick reflection on adapting through disruption...

🏡 Our break looks very different this year as we have stayed hunkered down at home, far from the people we normally visit and travel with at this time of year.

✨ Although I was sad to miss hugging family and friends in person, I notice that I'm much more relaxed than in years when I take trips and host celebrations at our home. It's helping me decide what's a "must-have" vs. a "nice-to-have" for the holidays.

🌱 Our family has enjoyed adapting our usual traditions to the current circumstances, and we've even come up with some new ones that we'll probably carry forward in future years. This has been fun, refreshing, and a source of great shared creativity and energy.

💁 How about you? Have you created some new ways to connect, celebrate, and recharge during this unusual holiday season? Send me a chat message at the bottom of the screen to share!


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