Looking back on 2020

Whew! This has been quite a busy year for Solros. 😅

I'm getting ready to do my annual Positive Review, and here are some headlines...

🏫 We've launched Positivity School, a peer coaching network building positivity and wellbeing for international school leaders, teachers, and staff.

🌱 We've kicked off a Visible Wellbeing partnership with Professor Lea Waters and the American School of The Hague.

🌏 I'm delighted with all we've been able to do to support the global international school community in this crazy year, and I'm grateful to have a wonderful team to serve with.

🎄 I'm also really looking forward to some quieter weeks over the holidays to relax, reflect, bake, take long walks, and savour family time!

🙏 I'm grateful for all these things and for you, my wonderful friends, clients, and colleagues. We're in the home stretch before the break - let's finish strong and enjoy our well-deserved rest!

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