Member Spotlight: Heidi Holland on Burnout Prevention

💡 Recently on the Positivity Playground, we released a fantastic Member Spotlight interview about burnout prevention with Heidi Holland, the High School Registrar at American School of The Hague.

🏥 Heidi has many years of experience working in mental health counseling, private practice, community mental health services, and workplace development in the behavioral health field. One of her areas of expertise is trauma-informed care, supporting caregivers in high-risk settings to guard against burnout prevention and compassion fatigue.

😷 In this enjoyable and resource-rich conversation, Heidi shares countless examples of ways we as educators can "put on our own oxygen masks first," so that we can continue to help others effectively.

🍀 Lucky us, to have such practical expertise in our midst. Join us to enjoy our Member Spotlight interviews and a brilliant, supportive community!

👉 Learn more about our Positivity School community here, and send me a chat message at the bottom of the screen if you'd like to arrange a free trial for members of your leadership and wellbeing teams.


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