Mindful Morning Rituals

💡 On the Positivity Playground last week, we released a terrific guest expert interview with Valérie Loose about Establishing Mindful Morning Rituals.

🌏 Valérie is a psychologist, coach, yoga instructor, and nutritionist originally from Belgium and now living in Doha, Qatar where her children attend the American School of Doha. She offers her services within the ASD community and globally online.

🌅 One of Valérie's passions is helping people establish a mindful morning ritual that aligns with their unique personalities and helps them start each day from a place of peace and intentionality. This interview is PACKED with useful techniques we can use to craft our own meaningful, energising, mindful morning rituals.

🙏 We're blessed to have such brilliant friends of Solros Positivity School, who help us develop our positivity and wellbeing.

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