Positive Organizational Fit

🤷‍ Is Positivity School right for your international school? That depends on your values and beliefs as a leader...

🌟 You'll find Positivity School to be a perfect fit if you believe...

✅ Employee wellbeing is a foundational element of organizational health.

✅ Proactively building up faculty and staff wellbeing amplifies our impact with students.

✅ People can develop and increase positivity regardless of their natural baseline.

✅ Investing in building positive psychological capital intelligently optimizes existing resources.

✅ Positive psychology is a science that delivers predictable outcomes.

✅ Professional learning and personal development can happen through intentionally structured communities of practice.

✅ Schoolwide wellbeing is an organizational culture issue for leaders to champion.

☝️ If that sounds like you, let's talk about how we can support your organizational objectives through Positivity School membership.

👇 Send me a chat message below, or click here to learn more about Positivity School.


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