Positivity School Member Spotlight

💡 Recently on the Positivity Playground, we released a fantastic Member Spotlight interview about the importance of good sleep with John McCarthy. John is an ultra-endurance athlete, sleep expert, and the Department Learning Leader for Physical and Health Education at Nagoya International School in Japan.

😴 In this delightful and highly informative conversation, John makes a compelling case for why we all need to understand sleep research and take action to improve the quality of our sleep. He explains how doing this will have a very real impact on our wellbeing in the short and long term.

✨ Thank you, John - for such an enjoyable conversation, absolutely PACKED with eye-opening facts and practical strategies for taking good care of ourselves by improving our sleep.

...and congratulations again on the recent arrival of your son! 👶🎉💖

🍀 Lucky us, to have such practical expertise in our midst. Join us to enjoy our Member Spotlight interviews and a brilliant, supportive community!

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