Proactively Managing Teacher Stress

🆘 International school leaders - what are you doing to help your teachers manage their stress (and manage your own, too)?

💻🎧 Many of us are still in lockdown and getting ready for more virtual learning in the next few weeks.

😫 Teacher stress results in rising cortisol (stress hormone) levels in students,* so it benefits everybody when you proactively manage stress as an organisation.

🤷‍♂️ How can we do this?

🏗️ Build your staff's psychological capital.

🧰 Psychological capital (PsyCap) is a set of internal resources that can be developed through short and simple interventions.

🦸🏻‍♀️ The four components of PsyCap spell out HERO:

- Hope

- Efficacy (confidence)

- Resilience

- Optimism

🥛 When teachers' own cups are full of these resources, they have plenty to pour into students.

🏫 We build PsyCap every single day in Positivity School, our membership community for international school employees.

👇 Curious? Send me a chat message at the bottom of the screen to arrange a demo for your leadership and wellbeing teams.

*Oberle & Schonert-Reichl, 2016


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