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Small Acts of Hope Are Contagious

We've been talking about hope a lot lately on the Positivity Playground. It's the subject of our current Book Club book: Making Hope Happen by Shane J. Lopez.

Our Book Clubbers were talking about the role of hope in the face of big, complex issues like politics, social justice, and climate change. One of our members shared a touching story about the impact of small, individual hopeful acts which moved all of us.

She's given me permission to share her story here.

A Hopeful Routine

One of our Book Club members goes walking along the beach with her husband every Sunday. Part of their routine involves picking up trash. They bring a bag and fill it with as much trash as they can while walking. When they reach a garbage bin, they empty their bag and start filling it again.

Although they can feel overwhelmed by the amount of trash they see on the beach, this couple feels good knowing they're doing their small part each week to make their corner of the world a better place.

Hope is Contagious

As they walk and pick up trash, they often notice other people doing the same thing - making a small contribution to cleaning up the beach.

They sometimes meet eyes with these strangers, and they smile or give each other a thumbs-up. In this way they encourage each other and build collective hope - a feeling that their actions are making a difference in creating a better future for all of us.

Their hope spreads by example as other passers-by notice the effort and join in or are simply more aware of the impact of littering on the beach.

This story inspired us all to think more about the small ways we can each take regular action in our spheres of influence to create hope and positive change.

👉 How About You?

Is there something you do regularly that contributes to a hopeful future? ...and if so, have you noticed that your acts of hope are somehow "contagious?"

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