Strengths Spotted in the Classroom

🎵 "Now we understand how the piece is supposed to FEEL!" ✨

🎼 One of our Positivity School members is a band teacher. When she was conducting last week, her students said they noticed a difference in how she was working with them - with deep emotion and passion. They told her that this helped them bring their music to life.

🤔 What was she doing differently last week?

💪 She was participating in our 5-Day Coaching Challenge called "Discover Your Strengths," completely immersed in uncovering and re-connecting with her truest essence and positive core. And her students noticed a shift in her.

🤩 In her own words: "It was definitely not an ordinary working week for me!"

💥 The research tells us this kind of thing happens when we focus on our strengths - and how cool is it when everyday life tells us too?!

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