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Thoughts on Hope from Our Book Club Members

Last weekend we kicked off our new Book Club on the Positivity Playground. We're reading Making Hope Happen by Shane J. Lopez.

Here's a little glimpse into our discussion...

What does “hope” mean to you? Is it active, passive, or both?

  • Hope is active and we can gain hope through sharing stories.

  • Hope is contagious and would should share stories of hope more often!

  • Hope is both passive and active. Mentally you can work on your thoughts creating hope and then actively work on being hopeful as well.

  • Hope is both active and passive. Hope - Wish - Faith are strongly connected.

  • Hope is both active and passive; some things are out of your control but when you can think positively about, and others you play an active part in the outcome.

  • We talked about how remarkable it is that some people can be striving against the odds but remain hopeful and appreciative of life.

What are some things you do to build hope into your life?

  • Modeling hope spreads hope. Pointing out strengths in others builds hope.

  • We talked about how we might have not realised that we were doing this consciously - but that one way is to think of the bigger picture and put things into perspective.

  • Listening to music, talking to good friends that are hopeful, walking on the beach

  • I haven’t thought about building hope before but now that I look back I can see that I build hope by remembering past successes and asking for help

  • Just looking at my grandson and my students gives me hope.

  • Surrounding myself with positive stories and people.

  • It has only recently became an active thing to do after learning how much of an impact it can have. I build it through always pointing out the positives and through connection and family togetherness.

  • Long ride trips

  • Sharing with others who understand you

  • When things go well, building hope into your life comes naturally. When things are not running smoothly, hope needs to built actively.

Who is the most hopeful person in your life? What does it look like?

  • Contagiously spreads hope to others.

  • My grandpa reflected hope through his body language and actions.

  • My mom, for being the ever hopeful and resilient person she is!

  • It’s me! I am always looking to the future and building on the past for success.

  • A good friend of mine stays positive and hopeful through all her ups and downs!

  • My dad is very hopefully and grateful. My husband is also hopeful and my biggest cheerleader.

  • One of my best friends who always provides perspective when things seem overwhelming.

  • I thought about a close friend who has incredible hope in people which I think comes from her faith but also her character - she also gives a lot to others, volunteering etc.

👉 How About You?

Is hope something you nurture in your life? Do you have some good role models for this? What does it look like?

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