Motivation During a Pandemic

What's motivating you and your team these days?

🧠 Some well-established research* has identified three basic psychological needs that impact our motivation levels:

🌟 Competence - We want to be good at what we do. 👆 Autonomy - We want to have choice and control. 👋 Relatedness - We want close connections with others.

We can make good use of this information in countless ways. Many leaders I've coached have found what I call the "CAR" motivation model to be a game changer in their relationships with their team members.

When you understand which of the 3 basic needs is most relevant to the situation, you can devise strategies for meeting this need and thereby increasing motivation.

🔥 I thought about CAR when I designed Positivity School, and it shows in our strong engagement levels.

🤷‍ Why are our members making time to login to the Positivity Playground during a pandemic and virtual school?

Because it meets their basic psychological needs:

✅ Competence We offer bite-sized, evidence-based, learning resources for building positivity & wellbeing.

✅ Autonomy Everything is self-paced & opt-in; members design their own development pathways.

✅ Relatedness It's a vibrant community of colleagues & new friends at other international schools.

👇 Send me a chat message at the bottom of the screen if you'd like to learn more about joining us in Positivity School!

* Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2008)


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