What is "Essencing?"

"Essencing." It's not a word you'll find on a strengths assessment, but it's definitely a strength.

🎨 Essencing is the name my client and I invented for a strength she was describing that just couldn't be captured well by "normal" words.

💡 She was sharing examples of how she does this thing in all sorts of contexts - when she's taking a course, when she's inspired by something, when she's upset by something, when she needs to teach something...

🔋 When she does it, she gets a massive boost of energy, and it has a positive impact on her own mood and performance - and others'.

💭 We played with words like "processing," "integrating," "simplifying," "communicating," and "reflecting," but it's actually ALL of those things together.

📝 Essencing is her ability to absorb loads of input through a writing/doodling session, then find the nuggets of wisdom and explain them to herself and others.

🎯 So we explored how essencing can help her achieve her current goal.

🥤 Another client calls this a "smoothie strength." A smoothie is more than its ingredients; when we blend them, we get a whole new (delicious) thing.

💎 I love strengths assessments, but sometimes the most useful conversation is about smoothie strengths!

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