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What Kind of Rest Do You Need Right Now?

Over this school holiday, I've been learning a lot about different ways to recharge which you may find interesting as you explore ways to relax and rejuvenate this break.

I've been focused on the work of Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, a Board-Certified internal medicine physician who helps people deal with work-rest imbalance.

In her TED Talk (linked below), Dr. Dalton-Smith asserts that “rest is the most underused, chemical-free, safe and effective alternative therapy available to us.”

She has identified 7 types of rest that can't be fulfilled simply by sleeping.

7 Types of Rest & How to Experience Them

Here are a few ways to carve out each type of rest for yourself. You'll find many more suggestions in the resources I've shared below.

  • Mental Rest: Take regular "brain breaks," journal, unplug

  • Spiritual Rest: Pray, volunteer, connect with like-minded people

  • Emotional Rest: Say no, express your feelings, mindfulness

  • Social Rest: Enjoy solitude, new experiences, avoid multitasking

  • Sensory Rest: Turn off notifications, meditate, sensory deprivation activities

  • Creative Rest: Spend time in nature, do something fun, enjoy art

  • Physical Rest: Sleep, light exercise, self-care treatments

Resources for Further Learning

For more information about types of rest...

How About You?

Which type(s) of rest are you needing most right now? Try talking Dr. Dalton-Smith's Rest Quiz to find out where to focus first.

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