For your friends, family members, and/or colleagues...


A Positive Parent Community membership is the perfect gift for parents who want to build positivity and wellbeing in their families while connecting with like-minded parents around the world.


Our community is a collective of international parents encouraging and empowering each other to strengthen their families through the science of applied positive psychology.



Our members are international parents who see themselves fitting one or more of these descriptions...


- They have kids ages 4-18

- They're living outside of their "home" country

- Their partner is from a different country/culture

- They've repatriated after some time living abroad

- They'll be moving internationally soon

- They enjoy connecting with other parents online

- They want to develop new skills for strengthening their family

- They'd like support in taking care of themselves

- They have at least 30 minutes/week to engage in the community

- They like bite-sized learning formats like articles and short videos



By gifting a membership of The Positive Parent Community you'll giving the opportunity to connect, learn and create positive change with other like-minded parents living internationally.


Your recipient will be part of our community and enjoy a full range of learning, coaching, and community support options available to our members.


This gift card entitles your recipient to 6 months of access to our Explorer Level Community Membership.


Price includes VAT.

Gift Card: 6-Month Membership in the Positive Parent Community

  • How the Gift Card is Delivered

    We'll email you a customised gift card which you can print or email to your gift recipient. The gift card will provide detailed instructions for how they can join the Positive Parent Community.

  • Gift Card Expiration

    This gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Your gift recipient can start their 6-month membership anytime within 6 months of your purchase date. We'll list the expiration date on the gift card.

  • Refunds

    We do not offer refunds on gift card purchases.

  • Non-Transferable

    Gift cards can only be claimed by the person whose name is listed on the card.