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Strengths Profile Workshops

Are You Playing to Your Strengths?

Knowing your unique strengths helps you focus on the things you do well and enjoy. This doesn't just benefit you, but also the people and groups you live, work, and volunteer with.

Research shows that a strengths focus helps you...

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By understanding what motivates you, you'll be happier, more confident & achieve your goals easier.

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By doing more of what you love, you'll be more engaged, perform better, and be more productive.

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When you work on the right things with people, relationships and communication improve.

What is a Strength?


Strengths can be innate traits, and they can be developed.

A strength is something that ticks these three boxes for you...



You do it very well



It gives you a boost



You choose to do it often


Develop greater self-awareness about your current strengths use


Improve your ability to use your strengths optimally at work and at home


Design strengths-based action plans to enhance wellbeing and achieve goals

How Can You Discover Your Strengths

and Make the Most of Them?


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In these programs, we use a scientifically validated formal strengths profiling instrument along with informal (interview-based) strengths assessment and personalized coaching.

This powerful combination helps you...

The Strengths Profile Quadrant Report

Rich, Multi-Dimensional Insights


Unlike other assessments which provide a simple list of a person’s “top 5 strengths,” Strengths Profile provides deep insights into how you tend to use your strengths, taking you beyond awareness into growth and positive action. 

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 Understanding Your Strengths Helps You Find Balance


Studies have shown that two out of three people do not have a meaningful awareness of their strengths. Our Strengths Profile debrief and coaching conversations help you to understand, appreciate, and develop your strengths while finding effective ways to do less of the stuff that drains you.


Understanding your Strengths Profile report helps you...

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Affirm and
Optimize Your
Known Strengths


Manage Learned Behaviors to Avoid Burnout


Discover and Activate Your Hidden Talents

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Apply Strengths to Minimize the Impact of Weaknesses

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