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Build a Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused, and Caring School Culture

Our Mission

We help international and independent schools build staff wellbeing, energy, engagement, and teamwork through Positive Peer Coaching practices and strengths-based, solution-focused professional development programs.

We specialize in ICF-accredited, evidence-based coaching and blended learning journeys which help
 leaders and their teams make the most of their strengths, maintain a growth mindset, and work well together.

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Our Vision

In our Member Schools, we’re inspiring and equipping staff in every department and division to support each other personally and professionally through a Positive Peer Coaching Culture.

This positive school culture is underpinned by essential coaching principles and characterized by members who are open, demonstrate unconditional positive regard, have a non-judgmental attitude, adopt a growth mindset, and are authentic.

Our vision is to make Positive Peer Coaching conversations an everyday occurrence for employees of international and independent schools, so that everyone has access to professional coaching support anytime - both on site and through our global network of Positive Peer

Our Development Approach

The quality of our professional relationships impacts our wellbeing and effectiveness every day. 

We’re passionate about helping international school leaders, teachers, and staff use the tools and perspectives of positive psychology to build wellbeing and teamwork while teaching and mentoring our next generation of global change-makers.

We equip our program participants with evidence-based coaching practices that are informed by the research of positive, organizational, and coaching psychology - with the aim of facilitating positive mental health, wellbeing, and engagement for thriving individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Why We Focus on Peer Coaching

We've seen firsthand how positive psychology coaching transforms lives, teams, families, and schools - empowering and equipping each person to fulfill their unique, meaningful, and positive purpose in the world...and we want to help as many people as possible do exactly that.

Peer coaching is a community-based model used to provide services or support to individuals with whom coaches share communities, identities, or lived experiences - with the goal of enhancing accessibility, engagement, and scalability of interventions. Studies have shown that internal coaches are more effective than external coaches.

Our ICF Accreditation

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest and most recognized organization of professionally trained coaches. ICF-accredited coaching education programs equip people with the ability to use coaching skills in how they interact with others. 

As an ICF-accredited coach training organization, Solros is committed to educating and equipping coaches professionally, personally, and organizationally to maximize personal and professional potential. A rigorous accreditation process with the highest industry standards signals our commitment to continuous improvement and strong principles of ethical behavior in coaching. 

For our program graduates, an ICF certification is a globally recognized credential that represents the gold standard in professional coaching across all industries. Becoming an ICF certified coach indicates that you have met specific standards and requirements designed to develop and refine your coaching skills. An ICF certification identifies you as a professional coach in your workplace and with private clients.

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What Our Clients Say about the Impact of
Positive Peer Coaching in Their Schools

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