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In Our Clients' Own Words

"I found the Positive Psychology Coaching experience to have been very beneficial for me in my job. I feel more confident speaking up in meetings in a manner that will ensure that I am heard. I also have at my disposal a range of tools that I can access in the future to assist me when I am faced with a challenge. Kristin was so patient and supportive throughout this experience. I am seeing things through a new lens and I am finding that very interesting. I have found all of the exercises to have been useful and allowed me to reflect. In reflecting I have become aware of my strengths and what I need to work on, and how I can work on them. This is a wonderful opportunity."


Curriculum Coordinator

"I have become aware of many of the thinking traps that I set for myself and have learned some strategies that involve small changes that yield significant results. I think this is the first time that I feel I can create a genuine vision for my future that is realistic and motivates me to take every step."


Middle School Principal

"Coaching sessions with Solros Development Group have allowed me to access leadership qualities in myself. My strength profile was utilized by my coach to draw out potential from which I have been able to best lead the school division. I have, through coaching sessions and online modules, refined my strengths, brought forth unrealized strengths and ultimately come to an understanding that I can recognize and tap into others' strengths to lead more effectively. Strength coaching has allowed me to take a positive look at my own makeup.  Sometimes we don't always know our hidden strengths and my coaching sessions have pinpointed successfully the various components of strengths; I knew about, others I didn't, and those that were learned. This has bolstered energy because I am now taking advantage of what I am good at. (Who couldn't do with some more energy!)"


Elementary Assistant Principal

“The strengths-based coaching experience helped me to take a deep dive into analyzing my own strengths and allowed me to see how I can best contribute to a team-based work environment.  In a time of great transition in my workplace, it was helpful to set goals to make the changes feel more manageable, and helped to give me a sense of control amidst all the changes.”


Associate Director

College & Career Services

"Sometimes it is very difficult to understand yourself because you don’t take time to really think about it and have someone guide you through. This process has been so helpful. I am most excited about how much I learned about myself. The program’s content really opened some things up to me. Above all, it made me realize how life is a process of self-discovery. The best thing was to talk my assumptions out with Kristin who is trained to look at counter-perspectives. I think the personality profile set the tone for the whole program. Finding out my strengths was a little bit of a shock for me in that this particular profile test exposed some things that were new to me and in completely unique ways. The best-self portrait and the map exercise were awesome. I am so blessed by this program. I would be happy to give my hearty recommendation to anyone who requested it."


Practice Manager

"Kristin and her 10-week programme have been wonderful companions for me this year. The programme energised me, filled up my tool belt, and set me in the right direction. Kristin’s programme and guidance have given me practical tools tailored to me and my behaviours, all geared for me to succeed. I have already embedded some new habits, and I’m still nurturing others. I’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all to triggers, thought patterns and actions – there are ways that work for me that don’t work for others and vice versa. I understand some of my preferences better so that I can capitalise on them. I've learned how to view things more confidently through a more positive lens. And I've learned some tactics to navigate away from negative thinking patterns."


Content Marketing Manager

"Kristin asks questions that push your thinking, moving you towards personal growth and a deeper understanding of your strengths. Her coaching work is both immediately practical (it helped me improve my day-to-day work relationships) as well as focused on long-term growth (it helped me uncover my true goal underneath the surface goal I entered coaching for). I now have a better understanding of my strengths and how to use them more effectively in my work and life.”


Organisational Development Consultant

“This was an amazing experience! I thought I knew a lot about myself, but coaching with Kristin opened my eyes to the strengths I didn’t realize I had. Every session taught me something new and gave me the tools to work on my goal. It was emotional at times, but I felt supported and could focus on the issue I tried to solve. I would recommend Kristin wholeheartedly!”


Salesforce Administrator

"Working with Kristin was some of the best professional and personal development that I have participated in over the course of my 20-year career. Goal setting is not new but working through the entire process helped to solidify a clear and comprehensive path to meeting those goals with a new outlook. Kristin was encouraging and asked deep, probing questions that led to more meaningful reflection.  In my opinion that is what made the difference in shifting my mindset to one that focused on my strengths and how better to incorporate them into my personal and professional life.  Through our work together she helped me gain new perspective that has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life!


Student Life Coordinator

"Working with Kristin on the strengths-based curriculum has been such a pleasant and valuable experience!  Not only did the process allow me to better understand which strengths I have already developed, it also helped me deal with areas in my professional life where the energy seemed to be stuck or that caused frustration and stress. Kristin is a very organized and patient coach and she has a talent for asking probing questions that allowed me to get to the heart of the personal transformation process and implement some “quick wins”. In many ways, she helped me feel more energetic, joyful and effective in the work that I am passionate about, but found draining at times. Kristin’s affinity with the education sector was an added benefit in helping me identify and address the areas for growth in my life and career."


CAS & Service-Learning Coordinator

"Kristin is very good at what she does: She asks exactly the right questions to help you explore your thinking

She always helps you to stay on course with the question you are trying to answer (or formulate :) and offers a lot of tips on books etc to explore for more background knowledge.

She is a joy to work with!"


International School

Human Resources Director


"I recently completed an assessment of my personal strengths and weaknesses with Kristin Lowe using the Strengths Profile tool. I gained insights into not only my own strengths and what provides me energy through task completion but an awareness of the weaknesses which I can minimize through effective personal management and construction of a team of supporters. The assessment when completed in conjunction with a larger group has given our organization valuable insights into effective team management to reach our goals. I highly recommend personal and collective use of Kristin Lowe's valuable application of the Strengths Profile to maximize your personal potential and help your organization achieve short term and long term goals."


IB/AP coordinator

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