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Positive Peer Coach
Training & Certification

Become a Leader in Coaching-for-Wellbeing


The aim of this program is to help our Positivity Playground Member Schools build staff wellbeing by embedding positive psychology coaching practices in their school communities through an on-site network of Certified Positive Peer Coaches.

Positive psychology coaching has been shown to improve...

Individual and Team Wellbeing

Performance and Collaboration

Life and Work Satisfaction

Equip Your Team of Staff Wellbeing Champions


Certified Positive Peer Coaches form a staff support team at your school who model and facilitate research-backed positivity and wellbeing practices in everyday life and work.


We’re aiming to create a “distributed ripple effect” of wellbeing by equipping and supporting key staff members in each department and division to coach their peers both formally and informally.

As part of the training program, Positive Peer Coaches are asked to design their own peer coaching vision. This is a simple plan for how they would like to offer coaching support to their colleagues. Our peer coaches are doing this in many different ways, including offering group coaching sessions using materials provided on the Positivity Playground and/or brief (30 minute) individual coaching sessions.

What Will You Learn?


In this program, participants learn to facilitate strengths-based, solutions-focused, emotionally intelligent coaching conversations that encourage their colleagues, build their wellbeing, and help them achieve meaningful goals. 


This program is structured as a private Community of Practice on the Positivity Playground, with online learning modules, Zoom group practice sessions, a private discussion area, and ongoing coaching/mentoring from Kristin Lowe, Host and Lead Coach of the Positivity Playground.

Core Topics and Coaching Skills


Introduction to

Positive Peer Coaching


Coaching Practices

Core Coaching



Coaching Practices


Coaching Practices

Coaching as a

Way of Being

What is the Time Commitment?


This is a 16-week course. Our Peer Coaches say it takes them about 2-4 hours per week to complete the online modules and engage in the asynchronous group discussions. Additionally, there are 8 two-hour group practice sessions held on Saturdays. Peer Coaches also arrange two 30-minute recorded coaching sessions with a colleague followed by 2 one-hour Mentoring Calls where they receive individual coaching and feedback from Kristin.


New cohorts begin in September and February each year.

Continous Development and Re-Certification


The initial certification is valid for one year. To maintain certification, continue growing as a coach, and give back to the online Positivity Playground community, Positive Peer Coaches are asked to do the following each school year...


Participate in our online Group Coaching Circle on the Positivity Playground

Attend at least two group practice sessions


Offer at least four 30-minute coaching sessions to Playground members

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Participate in one Mentoring Call 

What Graduates Say About This Program

Karma Wood

MS/HS Vocal Music Teacher

American School

of Doha

"It has been a transformative 3 months for me. Positive Peer Coaching gave me so many skills for being a curious and empathetic active listener and provided a lovely community for growth. 


I am so excited to share my skills and love of human potential with my fellow Playgrounders and colleagues. I believe that hope, optimism, and positivity are contagious - and I look forward to helping my fellow Peer Coaches spread those ideals around our school.


This program has made me a better person, friend, teacher and colleague. The information and skills learned are all based in science and immediately applicable. I highly recommend the Positive Peer Coaching Certification to everyone!"

Olga Van Doorn

MS/HS Music, Head of Performing Arts

Dalian American

International School

"I learned how to be fully present, listen in a different way, hear what is not said, manage conversations without giving advice or highlighting yourself, help shift problem talk to solutions talk, and keep a positive emotional and mental atmosphere. 

I would highly recommend this workshop to any person who is passionate about other people and wants our world to be better, warmer, and happier.


When you participate in this program you will feel safe, you will be accepted for who you are, your strengths will be highlighted, your emotional background will be highly respected, and you will make new friends who share similar values and beliefs."

Jennifer Hammonds

Middle School Counselor

American School of  Doha

"I believe that we all need connection and a sense of belonging. Becoming a part of the Positivity Playground and taking the Positive Peer Coaching course has provided a safe place for me to grow personally and professionally, while also taking care of my own well-being. I loved being encouraged and supported by others at a time in my life when I was feeling fatigued. 


A major highlight for me has been the discovery and power of coaching as a way of being. It has been so reassuring and reaffirming of so many beliefs and practices in my life. I feel that I have a greater awareness of myself and others and can live my life with more intentionality in terms of really 'being' there for others. I feel empowered and equipped to make a greater impact on the well-being of others and my own well-being too!


The Positive Peer Coaching program gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you Kristin for all you have done to develop such a powerful platform for all of us to enhance our well-being and the well-being of others! Thank you for mentoring us! Deeply grateful!"