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Positive Peer Coach
Training and Certification

Become a Leader in Coaching-for-Wellbeing


The aim of this program is to help international and independent schools build staff wellbeing and teamwork by embedding positive psychology coaching practices and perspectives in their school communities. We do this by training, inspiring, and equipping an on-site team and supporting them through an active global network of Certified Positive Peer Coaches.

Positive psychology coaching has been shown to improve...

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Individual and Team Wellbeing


Performance and Collaboration

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Life and Work Satisfaction

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Equip Your Team of Staff Wellbeing Champions


Certified Positive Peer Coaches form a staff wellbeing support team at our Member Schools by modeling and facilitating research-backed positivity and wellbeing practices in everyday life and work.


In partnership with our Member Schools, we're creating a “distributed ripple effect” of wellbeing by equipping and supporting key staff members in each department and division to coach their peers both formally and informally.

As part of the certification process, Positive Peer Coaches are asked to design their own peer coaching vision. This is a simple plan for how they would like to offer coaching support to their colleagues.


Our Positive Peer Coaching Teams at international schools around the world are doing this in many different ways using the training and resources we provide... 


  • In-house professional development workshops

  • On-site group coaching sessions

  • Brief (30-minute) individual coaching sessions

  • Teachers-Teaching-Teachers programs

  • "Walk and Talk" coaching conversations

  • Online group coaching (goal setting and check-ins)

  • ...and much more!

Positive Peer Coach Training
Program Modules


Participants in this program are equipped with evidence-based coaching skills to apply with their colleagues and fellow members in the global Positivity Playground Peer Coaching Network.


Educators can easily apply these practices to amplify their impact with students, and Positive Peer Coaching perspectives enhance our personal relationships as well.


Introduction to

Positive Peer Coaching



Coaching Practices

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Core Coaching


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Coaching Practices

SPPC Unit 3.png


Coaching Practices

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Coaching as a

Way of Being

Start Building Your Team of Certified Positive Peer Coaches

The Positive Peer Coach Training and Certification Program is offered for employees at our Member Schools. The training is the first step in a systemic approach to creating and sustaining a Positive Peer Coaching Culture.

Join a free workshop or contact us to learn more...

World-Class Professional Coach Training


The Positive Peer Coach Training Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, which sets the global standard for professional coach training.

We proudly award our program graduates with 35 hours of ICF Approved
Coach Specific Training Hours (ASCTH).


We are currently working with the ICF to begin offering a full Level 1 coach training program in 2023, which will give our program participants a direct pathway to ICF ACC Certification.

An ICF certification is a globally recognized credential that represents the gold standard in professional coaching across all industries.

Becoming an ICF certified coach indicates that you have met specific standards and requirements designed to develop and refine your coaching skills. It is an indication that you are dedicated to upholding strong principles of ethical behavior in coaching. 

What Do Participants Learn in This Program?


By the end of this program, our graduates know how to confidently and naturally facilitate strengths-based, solutions-focused, and emotionally intelligent conversations that bring energy, support, and a positive focus to the people around them - at work and at home.

Participants leave with the resources and confidence they need to facilitate group coaching sessions and individual laser coaching sessions. They're also able to bring a positive psychology coaching approach to informal conversations in their everyday life and work.

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize what coaching is and isn't, and apply the science behind how coaching supports wellbeing, performance, and collaboration.

  • Practice coaching from your own strengths while coaching people around their strengths to manage energy and function at their best.

  • Utilize the constructs of Positive Psychological Capital to help people activate and develop powerful internal wellbeing resources.

  • Collaborate with clients to establish a compelling future vision, build upon past successes, and activate resources to create desired outcomes.

  • Translate the art of coaching into everyday life, infusing person-centered, solution-focused perspectives into all your conversations.​​

Program Faculty Members
KL Indigo Profile.jpg

This program was created by Kristin Lowe, MAOP, ACC, CPPC.


Kristin is the Host of the Positivity Playground Global Peer Coaching Network, and she facilitates this Positive Peer Coaching and Certification Program three times each school year.

Kristin is a former international school teacher who now works as an Organizational Development Consultant, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, and Certified Brief (Solution Focused) Coach.

Kristin is an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, committed to bringing professional coach training to international and independent school staff. She is also a Certified International Counselor, an ATD Master Instructional Designer, and an Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner.

Kristin is originally from Chicago and now lives in the Netherlands.

Read more about Kristin here.


Mentor Coach and Head of Coach Education: Ewa Polak, PCC


Ewa is a Mentor Coach in our Positive Peer Coach Training Program, and she also leads coach education initiatives for Solos as part of our accreditation processes with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Ewa is an ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and experienced Mentor Coach who has completed advanced training in assessing coaching skills using the ICF Core Competencies.

Some of Ewa's strengths are Hope, Social Intelligence, Zest, Honesty, Forgiveness, Personal Responsibility, and Self-Awareness.


Ewa is originally from Poland and is now based in Antigua, Guatemala.


Mentor Coach: Aitana Leret, PCC


Aitana is a Mentor Coach in our Positive Peer Coach Training Program. 

She is an ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and experienced coach trainer who is completing advanced training in assessing coaching skills using the ICF Core Competencies.

Some of Aitana's strengths are Love, Spirituality, Love of Learning, Fairness, Humility, Self-Awareness, Unconditionality, Personal Responsibility, Empathetic, and Legacy.


Aitana is originally from Spain, now based in Marseille, France.

Inga Profile 1.jpg

Mentor Coach: Inga Bielińska, MCC


Inga is a Mentor Coach in our Positive Peer Coach Training Program. 

She is an ICF MCC (Master Certified Coach), an experienced Mentor Coach, and a Coach Supervisor who is completing advanced training in assessing coaching skills using the ICF Core Competencies.

Some of Inga's strengths are Gratitude, Hope, Love of Learning, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Leadership, Writer, Enabler,

and Feedback.


Inga is originally from Poland and is now based in Mountain View, California.

Program Dates and Time Commitment
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This is a 16-week course which includes...

  • Self-paced online learning modules and asynchronous online discussions with your cohort and Mentor Coach
    approximately 2.5 hours per module; 15 hours total)

  • Eight 3-hour Zoom group practice sessions held on Saturdays from 10:30am-1:00pm Amsterdam time (CET/CEST)

  • Two 30-minute recorded coaching sessions with a colleague, followed by a guided reflection and feedback process

  • Two 1-hour Mentoring Calls where you receive individual coaching and feedback on your recorded sessions from your Mentor Coach​​

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What are the Dates for the Next Program?


We offer differentiated learning pathways to support the preferences of our program participants.​ 


The program is the same for all pathways except for the pacing and meeting days. Participants select the option that works best for them.

Continuous Development and Re-Certification


The initial certification is valid for one year. To maintain certification, continue growing as a coach, and support their school communities, Positive Peer Coaches at our Member Schools are asked to do the following each school year...


Host/Co-Host at least one group coaching session for colleagues at their school

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Attend at least two partner practice sessions w/other Certified Coaches


Offer at least 2 hours of individual coaching to colleagues

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Participate in one Mentoring Call with a Mentor Coach

Start Building Your Team of Certified Positive Peer Coaches

The Positive Peer Coach Training and Certification Program is offered for employees at our Member Schools. The training is the first step in a systemic approach to creating and sustaining a Positive Peer Coaching Culture.

Join a free workshop or contact us to learn more...

What Graduates Say About This Program

Karma Wood_Profile Photo.jpg

Karma Wood

MS/HS Vocal Music Teacher

American School of Doha

"It has been a transformative 3 months for me. The Positive Peer Coaching program gave me so many skills for being a curious and empathetic active listener and provided a lovely community for growth. 


I am so excited to share my skills and love of human potential with my fellow Playgrounders and colleagues.


I believe that hope, optimism, and positivity are contagious - and I look forward to helping my fellow Peer Coaches spread those ideals around our school.


This program has made me a better person, friend, teacher and colleague. The information and skills learned are all based in science and immediately applicable."

Olga Van Doorn.jpg

Olga Van Doorn

MS/HS Music, Head of Performing Arts

Dalian American International School

"I learned how to be fully present, listen in a different way, hear what is not said, manage conversations without giving advice or highlighting yourself, help shift problem talk to solutions talk, and keep a positive emotional and mental atmosphere. 


When you participate in this program you will feel safe, you will be accepted for who you are, your strengths will be highlighted, your emotional background will be highly respected, and you will make new friends who share similar values and beliefs.


I am very excited to share my new passion with my colleagues and friends on the Playground, in school, and in my personal environment. It is a great chance for us to grow emotionally and mentally."


Laurie Benson

Grade 4 Teacher

American School of The Hague

"This program changed the way I think and approach conversations with family, friends and colleagues. It has taught me to listen more actively and be more curious in my conversations. I was also blessed with meeting amazing people from schools around the world.  


 I am so excited to get started and use my coaching skills to help others solve problems and achieve goals.  It is like having a superpower that unlocks the best in others.


This program is life changing, and the skills that you learn can not only be used in the workplace but in your personal life as well. It has been so rewarding to meet and work with the other participants. It has helped me be more curious and open ended in my conversations with other, and it has sharpened my listening skills as well."

Jen Hammonds_Profile Photo.png

Jennifer Hammonds

Middle School Counselor

American School of  Doha

"Becoming a part of the Positivity Playground and taking the Positive Peer Coaching course has provided a safe place for me to grow personally and professionally, while also taking care of my own well-being. I loved being encouraged and supported by others at a time in my life when I was feeling fatigued. 


A major highlight for me has been the discovery and power of coaching as a way of being. It has been so reassuring and reaffirming of so many beliefs and practices in my life. I feel that I have a greater awareness of myself and others and can live my life with more intentionality in terms of really 'being' there for others.


I feel empowered and equipped to make a greater impact on the well-being of others and my own well-being too!"


Nikki Hutchison Craik

Assistant Principal for Wellbeing

Qatar Academy Sidra

"I'm excited to see what the Positivity Playground looks like a year from now at QAS. I'm equally excited about how I can introduce the program to my new school.


The highlight of this journey for me was learning more about my strengths and how to incorporate the strengths of others into coaching sessions. More than anything, I value the fabulous people I met on this Positivity journey."


Joshua Neufeld

Grade 1 Teacher

American International School of Guangzhou

"The Positive Peer Coach Training Program was a rewarding learning journey. The program challenged me to weave together knowledge and skills while learning alongside a cohort of incredible people.  


As I was working towards spotting the strengths of others, I've become more aware of my strengths and how I can use them to work towards achieving the goals in my life!"


Julie Howell

MS Counselor & EAL Specialist

American School of Doha

"The Positive Peer Coaching course was such a fantastic learning experience and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved with such a great group of people. 


One of the highlights of this learning journey for me was being given the space to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses and building confidence in myself.


Another highlight is using the strengths-based and solutions-focused approaches with my colleagues during meetings and my students (whether in class or in a counseling session).


It is a very powerful feeling to help a student move out of the cloud of negative self-talk into a more positive and hopeful conversation where they can recognize even the small successes and gains they have made. It is exciting to feel that you have moved a conversation, whether with a student or a colleague, from problem-focused talk to solutions-focused talk."

Keri Puckett.png

Keri Puckett

ECC Learning Support Teacher

American School of The Hague

"One top highlight from this entire journey for me was my cohort and the coaching sessions that we did on our Saturday get togethers. This was such a powerful, safe, warm and friendly group that was supportive, respectful, encouraging, understanding, present, and accepting.


Another of my highlights was learning what peer coaching is. The whole process and framework are something that I will use in other ways beyond coaching.

I am so excited about being able to support my fellow members through Positive Peer Coaching in the Playground and in my school because I feel that I can truly help others and want to. 

I would recommend this program to anyone in my school or life that is looking for a way to improve the way that they communicate and anyone that wants to make a change in their life to be honest.


Participating in this program has definitely built my personal positivity and wellbeing. It made me realize how incredible it was to be part of something that focused on wellbeing. I am so grateful for this opportunity."


Indah McCarthy

Preschool Teacher

American International School of Guangzhou

"This positive peer coach training has helped me to better understand myself as a person. In this learning journey, I have discovered my inner strengths. The meeting with new people and learning from each other was another highlight for me. 

Positive Peer Coaching practices have become one of my passions. To those who are considering joining this program, I would say don’t even consider it, just DO IT! The learning in this program is a life-changing experience.

To add to that, the people who run this program are super helpful and supportive; they guide us into the learning very carefully so we can gradually acquire understanding of what we are doing. All the learning materials are easy to access and to digest.

The sequence of the tasks, assignments, and the time given to complete it all make perfect sense and are doable. They also give us ample opportunities to practice what we learned with our cohort.

Last but not least, we still can engage with this program even after we finish."

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