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Positive Peer Coach
Training and Certification

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Positive Peer

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Become a Leader in Peer-Led Development


The aim of this program is to help international and independent schools build staff wellbeing, engagement, and teamwork by embedding positive psychology coaching practices and perspectives in their school communities. We do this by training, inspiring, and equipping an on-site coaching team and supporting them through an active global network of Certified Positive Peer Coaches.

Positive psychology coaching has been shown to strengthen...

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Individual and Team Wellbeing


Performance and Collaboration

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Life and Work Satisfaction

A Quick Introduction to Positive Peer Coaching

From Solros founder and creator of the Positive Peer Coaching Program, Kristin Lowe

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Equip Your Team of Positive Peer Coaches


Certified Positive Peer Coaches form an in-house development team at their schools by modeling and facilitating research-backed wellbeing, development, and collaboration practices in everyday life and work.


In partnership with our Certified Positive Peer Coaches at schools around the world, we're creating a “distributed ripple effect” of individual and organizational wellbeing by equipping and supporting key staff members in each department and division to coach their peers both formally and informally.

As part of the certification process, Positive Peer Coaches are asked to design their own peer coaching vision. This is a simple plan for how they would like to offer 1:1 and group coaching support to their colleagues. Our approach supports autonomy, voice, and choice for Positive Peer Coaches in how they apply their learning in their own unique contexts.


Our Positive Peer Coaching Teams at international schools around the world are doing this in many different ways using the training, resources, and ongoing support we provide... 


  • In-house professional development workshops

  • Brief (30-minute) individual coaching sessions

  • On-site group coaching sessions

  • Solution-focused meeting protocols

  • Weekly celebrations of strengths and growth

  • Teachers-Teaching-Teachers programs

  • "Walk and Talk" coaching conversations

  • Staff meeting warm-up activities

  • Online group coaching (goal setting and check-ins)

  • ...and much more!

What Colleagues Say about Working
with a Positive Peer Coach

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Start Building Your Team of Certified Positive Peer Coaches

The Positive Peer Coach Training and Certification Program is offered each school year starting in August or September, depending on whether you choose the 4-month weekend intensive course or the 8-month weekday option. 

We welcome individual registrations and offer group rates through our school membership model, for schools wanting to build and sustain a strengths-based, solution-focused school culture

World-Class Professional Coach Training


The Positive Peer Coach Training Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, which sets the global standard for professional coach training.

We proudly award our program graduates with 35 hours of ICF Approved
Coach Specific Training Hours (ASCTH). This represents partial completion of our full Solros ICF LEVEL 1 Coach Training Program, which Certified Positive Peer Coaches 
can complete by joining our
ICF Certification Practicum course.

An ICF certification is a globally recognized credential that represents the gold standard in professional coaching across all industries.

Becoming an ICF certified coach indicates that you have met specific standards and requirements designed to develop and refine your coaching skills. It is an indication that you are dedicated to upholding strong principles of ethical behavior in coaching. 

Positive Peer Coach Training
Program Modules


Participants in this program are equipped with evidence-based coaching skills to apply with their colleagues and fellow members in the global Positive Peer Coaching Network.

Educators can easily apply these practices to amplify their impact with students and parents, and Positive Peer Coaching perspectives enhance our personal relationships as well.


Introduction to

Positive Peer Coaching



Coaching Practices

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Core Coaching


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Coaching Practices

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Coaching Practices

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Coaching as a

Way of Being

What Do Participants Learn in This Program?


By the end of this program, our graduates know how to confidently and naturally facilitate strengths-based, solutions-focused, and emotionally intelligent conversations that bring energy, support, and a positive focus to the people around them - at work and at home.

Participants leave with the resources and confidence they need to facilitate group coaching sessions/mini-workshops and individual laser coaching sessions. They're also able to bring a positive psychology coaching perspective to informal conversations in their everyday life and work.

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize what coaching is and isn't, and apply the science behind how coaching supports wellbeing, performance, and collaboration.

  • Practice coaching from your own strengths while coaching people around their strengths to manage energy and function at their best.

  • Utilize the constructs of Positive Psychological Capital to help people activate and develop powerful internal resources.

  • Collaborate with clients to establish a compelling future vision, build upon past successes, and mobilize resources to create desired outcomes.

  • Translate the art of coaching into everyday life, infusing person-centered, strengths-based, solution-focused perspectives into all your conversations.​​

What Participants Say about Their Growth
as a Positive Peer Coach

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Building Whole-School Coaching Capacity
"How is Positive Peer Coaching different from ____?"
This is a question we hear all the time, and we hope this diagram helps shed a bit of light on the answer!  

The coaching skills we develop in our Positive Peer Coach Training Program are applicable to all sorts of roles we play in schools. 

Additionally, our Certified Positive Peer Coaches know how to step fully into a coaching stance that focuses 100% on enabling their conversation partner's growth through tapping into their existing internal and external resources. 

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When they're holding an ICF-aligned coaching stance, Certified Positive Peer Coaches...
  • Don’t give advice or feedback.

  • Don’t set the agenda or assign tasks.

  • Don’t address clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or self-harm.


This is the stance we learn and practice in this program so that our participants will develop versatility both as a "pure" (ICF-aligned) coach and a colleague/educator who applies coaching skills when wearing different hats in their work.

Program Dates and Time Commitment