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Professional Development Programs and Services

We help international and independent schools strengthen wellbeing, performance, and collaboration through professional development programs and ICF-accredited coaching approaches built on the sciences of organizational psychology, coaching psychology, and positive psychology.

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Leadership Development


  • Optimizing Your Leadership Strengths*

  • Being a Strengths-Based Leadership Team*

  • Optimizing Your Team’s Strengths*

  • Strengths-Based People Management*

  • Strengths-Based Conversation Tools for Leaders†

  • Solution-Focused Conversation Tools for Leaders†

  • PsyCap-Based Conversation Tools for Leaders†

  • Core Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching*

  • Change Leadership Coaching/Consulting

  • Positive Foundation Program*
    (Self-Paced Learning with 1:1 Coaching)

*Uses the Strengths Profile Assessment

†Extension to All-Staff Workshop


Strengths-Based Workshops


  • Exploring Your Strengths Profile*

  • Strengths-Based Communication and Collaboration‡

  • Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning

  • Strengths-Based Parenting/Caregiving


*Uses the Strengths Profile Assessment

‡Extended Session Available for Leaders


Solution-Focused Workshops


  • Solution-Focused Communication and Collaboration‡

  • Solution-Focused Teaching and Learning

  • Solution-Focused Parenting/Caregiving

‡Extended Session Available for Leaders

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Positive Psychological Capital Workshops


  • Building Your Positive Psychological Capital‡
    (PsyCap HERO: Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism)

  • PsyCap-Based Teaching and Learning

  • PsyCap-Based Parenting/Caregiving

‡Extended Session Available for Leaders


ICF Coach Training Programs


  • Introduction to Positive Peer Coaching

  • Positive Peer Coach Training Program** 
    Equip an on-site team to lead evidence-based PD programs that strengthen wellbeing, performance, and collaboration

  • ICF Certification Practicum Course**
    Advanced coach training
    ; leads to ICF ACC Certification

  • Continuing Professional Development Program
    Annual Recertification and new monthly learning/facilitation resources for Certified Positive Peer Coaches


**Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world's largest and most recognized global organization for professional coaching.

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