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Free Introductory Workshop for School Leaders

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How to Have a Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused Conversation
Free workshop for school leaders

The quality of our professional relationships impacts our energy and impact every day. What if you and all of your colleagues interacted with each other in ways that strengthen wellbeing, performance, and collaboration through your daily conversations? 

In this 1-hour workshop, we'll introduce a professionally accredited peer coaching methodology that does exactly that. Join us for a speed round of peer coaching using a strengths-based, solution-focused conversation framework that you can apply to your 1:1 and team meetings straight away.​

Participants in this workshop will...

  • Experience the benefits of focusing on strengths and solutions, through a guided practice session.

  • Deepen awareness of how everyday conversations generate significant shifts in school culture.

  • Explore a road map for embedding strengths-based, solution-focused practices across your school.

How to Register

We offer this 1-hour Zoom workshop free of charge for senior leadership teams at international/independent schools. We'll schedule it at a time that works for your team so you can learn together and consider how a strengths-based, solution-focused culture might support your strategic objectives and leadership/staff development goals.

Please get in touch to arrange a free introductory workshop. 

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