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Andrew Stimpson Gee

School Counselor

American International School of Guangzhou



Schools Where I've Worked 

Bennion Jr. High, Granite School District, Salt lake City, Utah
Clayton Middle, Salt Lake School District, Salt Lake City, Utah
Nibbly Park, Salt Lake School District, Salt Lake City, Utah

About Me as a Coach

Signing up for this course could only be described as a happy accident, I really thought I was signing up for afternoon tea. But here I am and I am happy to be a positive force and help others be the best they can be.

I love working with people on their goals. I feel that true change comes through identity work, I hope to be able to dive in deep and explore together.

Strengths Profile

• Rapport Builder
• Service
• Humility
• Humor
• Writer

VIA Strengths

• Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
• Kindness
• Social Intelligence
• Forgiveness
• Bravery

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