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Griet Van Kuyck

Curriculum Assistant

American School of The Hague



Schools Where I've Worked 

• American School of The Hague

About Me as a Coach

I became a Certified Positive Peer Coach because I hope to spread positivity and kindness amongst my colleagues and in life in general. I hope to provide a safe place where people can share feelings, vulnerabilities, fears, dreams and beliefs, and where they can explore and uncover their potential through a kind, solution focused approach that will enhance their level of hope, positivity and well-being; where all the steps of the journey, big or small, are acknowledged and celebrated. I hope this contributes to the overall feeling of belonging to a positive, solution focused community and that it will have a “pay it forward” effect.

Strengths Profile

• Time Optimiser
• Persistence
• Organiser
• Moral Compass
• Humility
• Service
• Pride

VIA Strengths

• Fairness
• Honesty
• Kindness
• Perseverance
• Forgiveness

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