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Jen Hammonds

Middle School Counselor

American School of Doha



Schools Where I've Worked 

• American School of Doha
• Hong Kong International School
• Cairo American College

About Me as a Coach

I chose to become a Certified Positive Peer Coach because I want to be able to help others to live their best life. I believe that everyone wants to find ways to enhance their own well-being and to find solutions to challenges they might be facing.

It is my hope to be there for others, to listen, to remain curious, and to create a safe, comfortable place for self-discovery, healing & hope.

Strengths Profile

• Self-Awareness
• Resilience
• Centred
• Empathic
• Mission
• Personal Responsibility
• Writer

VIA Strengths

• Honesty
• Love
• Spirituality
• Gratitude
• Hope

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