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Jennifer Rhodes

Middle School Visual Arts Educator

American School of The Hague

Den Haag

The Netherlands

Schools Where I've Worked 

• El Salaam School Assiut, Egypt
• El Salaam School Cairo, Egypt
• American International School, Egypt
• International School of Monaco, Monaco

About Me as a Coach

I've heard it said that we should seek to find a job that we love so that we are always on holiday. Combining a job (and dare we call it that!) with a mission is a pleasure. I am a certified school counselor and now a practicing peer coach which I now realize are two different practices. Peer coaching is a little like a metaphorical walk with a client while pulling out the strengths and generating the sparks that provide the client with solutions or pathways to follow.

Strengths Profile

• Growth
• Curiosity
• Moral Compass
• Persistence
• Gratitude

VIA Strengths

• Love of Learning
• Fairness
• Honesty
• Social Intelligence
• Self-Regulation

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