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Keri Puckett

Early Childhood Center learning support teacher

American School of The Hague



Schools Where I've Worked 

• Awsaj Academy
• American School of The Hague

About Me as a Coach

I am from California and before becoming a special education teacher I was a Major in the US Army. I wanted to become a Certified Positive Peer Coach because I wanted to help and support others in becoming their best selves. I truly believe that every person has their own personal strengths and my job as a coach to help them realize those strengths.

Strengths Profile

• Relationship Deepener
• Rapport Builder
• Humor
• Emotional Awareness
• Personalization Service
• Compassion

VIA Strengths

• Appreciation of
Beauty & Excellence
• Zest
• Kindness
• Love
• Honesty

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