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Kristi Deguzman

MYP Learning Support (HOD) and Grade Level Leader

Qatar Academy Sidra



Schools Where I've Worked 

• Qatar Academy Doha, Doha, Qatar
• The Overseas School of Colombo, Pelawatte, Sri Lanka
• Lakewood School District, North Lakewood, WA, USA

About Me as a Coach

Becoming a Positive Peer Coach was a way for me to learn how to help people use the knowledge within themselves to be able to find a path toward meeting their goals. I want to be able to work with individuals to help them identify their strengths and how they might use them to meet with success. I am open minded and a good listener and would love to provide an opportunity to walk beside you in the path to making change for the better.

Strengths Profile

• Prevention
• Persistence
• Moral Compass
• Gratitude
• Growth

VIA Strengths

• Kindness
• Honesty
• Love
• Fairness
• Perseverance

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