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The Science Behind Our Work

Evidence-Based Positive Organizational Development for International School Communities

All of our work focuses on building schoolwide positivity and wellbeing through the science of Applied Positive Psychology. 

Learn More About the Science Behind What We Do


Strengths-Based Development and Coaching


This article provides a summary of the organizational and social benefits of focusing on strengths, along with support for taking a contextual, developmental approach when coaching people around strengths use.

Taking a simplistic "identify and use" approach to strengths conversations is a disservice to individuals, teams, and organizations. A growth-oriented, developmental approach enables people to develop flexible, nuanced mastery of their strengths by paying attention to their proficiency, frequency, regulation, and situational strengths use.

At Solros, we take a developmental approach to strengths across all our programs and services.


Positive Psychological Capital for Faculty/Staff Wellbeing


This article provides an introduction to applied positive psychology interventions focused on developing positivity and wellbeing in school leaders, teachers, and non-teaching staff members.

The four constructs of Psychological Capital are Hope, Efficacy (confidence), Resilience, and Optimism. Studies show that people with higher PsyCap experience greater positivity and wellbeing, more satisfaction with their jobs and relationships, and deeper organizational commitment. Strong PsyCap also reduces cynicism, turnover intentions, work stress, and anxiety.

At Solros, we focus on developing leader, teacher, and staff wellbeing through PsyCap interventions within our Positivity Playground Community.


Positive Education & the SEARCH Wellbeing Framework


This article provides an overview of Positive Education and introduces the SEARCH Wellbeing Framework developed by Professor Lea Waters, AM, PhD, of the University of Melbourne.

SEARCH provides a research-backed framework for schools wanting to design their own development approach around the six pathways to wellbeing, and a model for auditing and evaluating the existing programs and practices that may already be in use at your school. 

At Solros, we use SEARCH as the backbone of Visible Wellbeing™ programs and partnerships. 

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