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Kathy Morris

Preschool Teacher

International School of Amsterdam



Schools Where I've Worked 

Anglo-American School of Moscow

About Me as a Coach

I have lived internationally for most of my life. This has contributed to some of my strengths and values: open-mindedness, creativity, curiosity and empathy. These parts of myself have led me to want to become a coach. In working with me, your information will be treated with care. The coaching environment will be gentle, curious and positive. I aim to support your vision of your journey. My focus will be on opening space for you to share what you identify as important. You will be supported to see in yourself the hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism which already exists inside. My commitment is to stand with you, as you create your own life designs.

Strengths Profile

• Incubator
• Creativity
• Curiosity
• Growth
• Self-awareness

VIA Strengths

• Creativity
• Appreciation of Beauty
• Social Intelligence
• Love of Learning
• Curiosity

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