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Joshua Neufeld

Grade 1 Teacher

American International School of Guangzhou



Schools Where I've Worked 

• J.R. Walkof Elementary - Winkler, Canada
• Heritage International School - Cairo, Egypt
• Clifford International School - Guangzhou, China
• American International School - Guangzhou, China

About Me as a Coach

I joined the Positivity Playground to discover new understandings and skills that I can apply to help support the health and wellness of others in my workplace. I believe all people have an abundance of strengths and resources they can leverage to help them achieve meaningful goals. Through coaching sessions based on mutual respect and trust, I aim to help the coachee highlight their unique strengths and resources. I am committed to using a solution-focused approach while being open, curious, and flexible to the coachee's needs.

Strengths Profile

• Connector
• Curiosity
• Drive
• Growth
• Humor
• Esteem Builder
• Mission

VIA Strengths

• Love of Learning
• Teamwork
• Forgiveness
• Curiosity
• Humility

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