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Help Your People Thrive

Your faculty and staff have never needed support like they need it right now.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in your international school community, and they're looking to you for leadership and support as you shape the "new normal" together.


We're here to help you help them bounce back - and even beyond where they were before.

Join an intentional global community of international schools moving forward together to increase positivity and wellbeing.

Member Schools

Join this network of international schools prioritising faculty and staff wellbeing.

We're bringing together international school leaders, teachers, and staff to learn, apply, and share evidence-based positive psychology practices that will strengthen you personally and help you build wellbeing in your school communities.


Positivity School will help you and your faculty/staff...

Navigate life's ups and downs feeling strong, confident, calm, and optimistic

Be energised by a positive and supportive global network of peers

Contribute creatively to building wellbeing in your school community

What Research Says About Faculty and Staff Wellbeing


Teacher wellbeing directly impacts student performance.

Briner & Dewberry, 2007


Teacher stress results in rising cortisol (stress hormone) levels in students.

Oberle & Schonert-Reichl, 2016


Wellbeing increases adaptability. Employees who are engaged at work and also experience high levels of wellbeing are 45% more likely than other employees to adapt to change.

Gallup, 2015


Teaching is ranked as one of the three professions with the highest reports of stress and depression.

HSE, 2019


Organisations promoting health and wellbeing are seen as 3.5 times more likely to be creative and innovative.

World Economic Forum, 2010


78% of teachers report feeling physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day.

Briner & Dewberry, 2007

…and this was before COVID-19!


We don’t have research results yet on the impact of the pandemic on faculty and staff, but countless anecdotal reports from around the world indicate that leader and teacher stress levels are higher than ever. 


Now is the time to focus on positivity and wellbeing

...but getting started may feel overwhelming.

To develop positive and resilient students, you need to have positive and resilient adults who teach and support them. But very few schools have been making faculty and staff wellbeing a priority, and those who want to do this this aren't quite sure how to get started. 

You want to do something that works

You don't want to add to anybody's stress

You need to manage a tighter budget wisely

It's difficult to plan travel and in-person events

You don't know where you should focus first

There's no time to plan or prepare new programs

You don't know what to expect in the new year

You're feeling pretty drained yourself!

We understand where you're coming from.

...and we can help.

That's why we've created Positivity School, a global online group coaching community grounded in the science of positive psychology. It's designed to meet the needs of international school leaders who are ready to make a sound, sustainable investment in the wellbeing of their faculty & staff.

Members can opt into as much or as little high-impact learning and coaching as they want at any given time.

Being part of a global peer community generates fresh energy, creativity, motivation, and positive action.

We meet people right where they are now and help them move forward positively at their own pace.

The Positivity School Journey

Our ultimate aim is helping you increase positivity and wellbeing in your entire school community.

Positivity School helps you develop organisational capacity and capability through strengthening, equipping, and inspiring each member of your faculty and staff.

Make a Commitment to Faculty and Staff Wellbeing Today

We want to make it easy for you to enroll your people in Positivity School so they can start benefitting from the learning, coaching, and community connections as soon as possible.

By joining this year, you'll lock in permanent and steeply discounted rates, and you'll establish your school as a front-runner in making a commitment to faculty and staff wellbeing. 


Register by November 30th, 2020 to take advantage of Founding Member rates and benefits.

Pricing will increase January 2021.

Learn, Grow, and Thrive

in a Global Peer Coaching Community

We're Making it Easy for You to Strengthen and Support Your Faculty and Staff

Positivity School will help you look after the wellbeing of the adults in your school as well as you look after your students. It's an online community of learners focused on building psychological and emotional wellbeing in themselves and others.

Develop Positive Psychological Capital


This starts with increasing Positive Psychological Capital, or PsyCap - a set of four inner resources: hope, confidence, resilience, & optimism.

Studies show that people with higher PsyCap experience greater positivity and wellbeing, more satisfaction with their jobs and relationships, and deeper organisational commitment. Strong PsyCap also reduces cynicism, turnover intentions, work stress, and anxiety (Luthans, et al., 2015).


PsyCap can be measured and developed, and its benefits have been shown to spread throughout organisations in several ways, including upward spirals, ripple effects, and contagion effects.


So when you develop faculty/staff PsyCap, it spreads within and across teams, flows to students, and extends to your parent community.


Increase Positive Emotion


A second objective of Positivity School is to generate positive emotion. Research shows that positivity broadens, or opens our hearts and minds, making us more receptive and more creative. 

Positivity also builds, or transforms us for the better, allowing us to discover and develop new skills, new ties, new knowledge, and new ways of being. (Fredrickson, 2013)


In Positivity School, we'll help people identify, savour, and generate more of the ten positive emotions that impact people's day-to-day lives the most...


  • Joy

  • Gratitude

  • Serenity

  • Interest

  • Hope

  • Pride

  • Amusement

  • Inspiration

  • Awe

  • Love 

Share Positivity & Wellbeing Practices 


 A third aim of Positivity School is to develop wellbeing literacy and share best practices across the global international school community.

To do this, we'll use the Visible Wellbeing SEARCH Framework, a research-backed model developed by Professor Lea Waters, AM, PhD - a world leader in positive education and teacher/student wellbeing.


Solros is a licensed facilitator of the Visible Wellbeing program, and we help schools prioritise the 6 core domains of wellbeing...

  • Strengths

  • Emotional Management

  • Attention and Awareness

  • Relationships

  • Coping

  • Habits and Goals

In Positivity School, we'll crowdsource a resource bank of wellbeing practices which are nurturing the 6 SEARCH domains in our school communities. We hope this will inspire more wellbeing initiatives in as many schools as possible!


A Supportive Peer Coaching Community

How can we do all this in a way that will engage and energise your busy faculty and staff? 


The backbone of Positivity School is The Positivity Playground, an online social learning platform that gives members a way to learn what they need, at their own pace, with like-minded people.


We'll provide every community member with training in positive dialogue and peer coaching to help us co-create a warm, solutions-focused environment where we can provide the best possible support for each other, leaning positively into the ups and downs of daily life and work.


The Positivity Playground will be moderated by certified positive psychology coaches, positive psychology graduate students, and carefully selected mentors who are international school leaders and wellbeing program facilitators.

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Flexible Learning and Coaching Options,

100% Online

Schools can select the level of learning and coaching support that fits their people's needs the best...

The Positivity Playground

In The Playground, members can engage in bite-sized learning and discussion threads on core positivity and wellbeing topics, and join Q&A sessions with a certified positive psychology coach.


Members can also opt into learning experiences that support their specific needs and interests, including book clubs, TED Circles, 5-Day Challenges with pop-up coaching groups, guest expert interviews, and more.

The Positivity Classroom

Includes everything in The Playground, plus...

Self-paced online mini-courses on core positivity and wellbeing topics. The gamified learning experience includes progress tracking, leaderboards and badges, and certificates of completion. New mini-courses will be added each year.

The Positivity Lab

Includes The Playground and Classroom, plus...


The Positive Foundation MasterClass,

a 10-week facilitated learning journey including formal Strengths Profile and PsyCap assessments, online learning modules, a weekly facilitated Solutions Lab (group coaching), coach feedback on application exercises, peer coaching exercises, online discussion group, gamification, certification, and much more.


How does all that sound to you?

We hope you're as excited as we are!


Join before December 1st, 2020 to take advantage of Founding Member rates and benefits. Pricing will increase January 2021.


By joining this year, you'll lock in permanent and steeply discounted rates, and you'll establish your school as a front-runner in making a commitment to faculty and staff wellbeing. 


If you'd like to learn how to join this group of schools proactively strengthening their people starting in the 2020-21 school year, choose one of the options below to take the next step.

Is Positivity School Right for Your International School?


That depends on your values and beliefs as a leader.

Positivity School is Not a Good Fit for Your School if You Believe...

  • It’s not the school’s responsibility to look after faculty and staff wellbeing.


  • Professional development should focus only on better teaching that serves students.


  • Employee wellbeing is a “nice to have,” not a “must-have.”


  • Professional learning is the domain of experts and gurus who you bring to campus once or twice.


  • We can’t justify allocating budget to “soft skills” development.


  • “Mental health” means “mental illness,” and our insurance covers therapy if teachers need help.


  • It takes a lot of time, money and effort to train people - often with low return on investment.


  • People are inherently positive or negative; you can't change somebody's personality.


  • Positive psychology sounds a little fluffy and “woo-woo.”

  • Wellbeing is something for the counseling department to take care of.

Positivity School is a Perfect Fit for Your School if You Believe...

  • Faculty and staff wellbeing is a foundational element of organisational health.


  • Professional development should include strengthening teachers to model wellbeing. 


  • Proactively building up faculty and staff wellbeing amplifies our impact.


  • Professional learning can happen through intentionally structured communities of practice.


  • Investing in building positive psychological capital intelligently optimises existing resources.


  • Mental health is a continuum that ranges from illness to thriving (which employers can nurture).


  • Slow, steady, cost-effective development approaches have a strong and sustainable impact.


  • People can develop and increase positivity regardless of their natural baseline.


  • Positive psychology is a science that delivers predictable outcomes.

  • Schoolwide wellbeing is an organisational culture issue for leaders to champion.

Ready to Invest in Positivity and Wellbeing?

Register by November 30th, 2020 to take advantage of Founding Member rates and benefits. Pricing will increase January 2021.

  • The Positivity Playground


    Per Person Annually

    plus VAT where applicable

    Bite-Sized Learning

    5-Day Coaching Challenges

    Book Clubs & TED Circles

    Member Spotlights & Guest Experts

    Peer Coaching Toolkit

    Weekly Discussion Topics

    Resource Bank of Positivity Practices

    Positivity Playlist: Music & Podcasts

    Positive Dialogue Training

  • The Positivity Classroom

    Opens in 2021

    Annual Fee

    To Be Determined

    Includes Everything in The Playground

    + PLUS +

    Self-Paced Mini Courses

    Self-Assessments & Quizzes

    Video Lessons

    Practical Application Exercises

    Interactive Worksheets

    Quick-Reference Guides

    Checklists & Templates

    Progress Tracking & Badges

    Certificates of Completion

  • The Positivity Lab

    Opens in 2021

    Annual Fee

    To Be Determined

    Includes The Playground & Classroom

    + PLUS +

    Positive Foundation MasterClass

    Strengths Profile & PsyCap Assessments

    10-Week Guided Learning Journey

    Integrated Online Learning Modules

    Coach Feedback on Exercises

    Weekly Zoom Solutions Labs

    Group Coaching Exercises

    Hot-Seat Coaching (Volunteers)

    Q&A with Lead Coach

    Personalised Recommendations

    Supplemental Resource Library

    Progress Tracking & Badges

    Certificate of Mastery

Frequently Asked Questions

Does our entire faculty need to join for us to become a Member School?

No - Positivity School is 100% opt-in. We'll work with you to share a Positivity School introductory video to your faculty and staff, along with an invitation to register by a particular date. Then we'll welcome your initial cohort all together. This approach builds excitement, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of belonging. It also creates a critical mass of participants who will learn and grow together, and this sperads positivity and wellbeing into your broader school community through a ripple effect.

Can more people from our school join at anytime?

Yes! It's likely that the word will spread within your faculty about all the great connecting, learning, and coaching we're doing in Positivity School - and we're happy to welcome new members anytime. We have a a simple onboarding process that enables your faculty/staff to join within 48 hours of experessing interest, and we'll bill you for any new members at the end of each month.

Will people have trouble catching up if they didn't join in September?

Not at all. Positivity School is designed to be self-paced and self-directed. Each member creates their own development journey. We provide a Road Map that guides new members through the basic and recommended activities to help them make the most of the opportunities within Positivity School, regardless of when they join.

What happens to memberships at the end of the school year?

For school-based group memberships, we work to get everybody onto the same annual billing cycle, regardless of when they join during the school year. We pro-rate the fees on a 12-month basis from the joining month through August of the following year. This ensures you're only paying for the months your faculty/staff are registered. Members can decide in the spring if they'd like to renew for the next school year. If your faculty/staff are moving on to another school, they can opt to convert to an individual membership or transfer to their new school's Positivity School Membership.

How much coordination is needed for Positivity School?

Each Member School appoints a Positivity School coordinator to manage the registration and billing process. Additionally, the coordinator manages any arrangements the school makes for providing/reimbursing book club books. We encourage the coordinator to convene monthly on-site peer coaching sessions using exercises we provide. We'll also provide regular updates to the coordinator which can be shared with program sponsors and your full faculty/staff teams, if you like. All of this together takes approximately 2-3 hours per month.

Is Positivity School for leaders too?

Yes - we're here to support all adults who work in international schools! In our community we have school Directors and Deputy Directors, Principals and Assistant Principals, Heads of Teaching and Learning, and more. Leaders need as much support as everybody else, and we maintain a safe space where community members can interact as much or as little as they like, while soaking up all the positivity and wellbeing ideas we're sharing with each other. In addition to those personal benefits, please consider this... Schoolwide wellbeing is an organisational culture issue; leaders who demonstrate authenticity and a commitment to personal wellbeing set a very powerful example for others. This creates a safer and more uplifting work environment for everyone.

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