Welcome to the Positivity Playground

Building Staff Wellbeing Through Coaching and Community

Staff Wellbeing Makes Schools Better


Teacher wellbeing
directly impacts
student performance.

Briner & Dewberry, 2007


Engaged employees who experience high levels of wellbeing are 45% more likely than others to adapt to change.

Gallup, 2015


Organizations promoting health and wellbeing are seen as 3.5 times more likely to be creative and innovative.

World Economic Forum, 2010

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Imagine a faculty and staff climate where...

  • People focus more on strengths - what’s right with themselves and others - rather than what’s “wrong”

  • Teams and individuals know how to generate multiple, flexible pathways to achieving goals

  • Employees are confident, able to handle challenges and new situations with a “can do” attitude

  • Everyone has strong coping skills and “bounce-back” muscles that help them grow through difficult circumstances

  • People view situations with realistic optimism and don’t worry about things they can’t control

  • Employees are able to generate more positive emotions and manage negative emotions effectively

  • Teams and individuals think less about problems and focus more on solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.

These are the competencies we're building every day
on the Positivity Playground.

The Positivity Playground is a global peer coaching community grounded in the science of positive psychology. It has been designed to meet the needs of international and independent school leaders who are ready to make a sound, sustainable investment in the positivity and wellbeing of their faculty & staff.


Members can opt into as much or as little high-impact learning and coaching as they want at any given time.


Being part of a peer coaching community generates fresh energy, creativity, motivation, and positive action.

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We meet people right where they are now and help them move forward positively at their own pace.

Welcome to...

The Positivity Playground

A proactive global network of international and independent schools moving forward together to build positivity and wellbeing for leaders, teachers, and staff members.

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Member Schools

Make Staff Wellbeing an Organizational Priority

When you join the Positivity Playground Coaching Network, here's what you'll get...


Access to our global team of Certified Positive Peer Coaches who offer group and individual coaching online and on site at your school


Professional Development Flexi-Hours for schools to offer workshops at times that work well in your staff's PD or team meeting schedule


Positive Peer Coach Training and Certification Program to help you embed positivity practices through an on-site network of peer coaches


Group coaching circles with 30-day goal setting, weekly intention-setting, and check-ins to help you establish positivity & wellbeing habits


A research-backed program for building Positive Psychological Capital in every leader, teacher, and staff member (including yourself!)

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A positive and supportive moderated community of like-minded educators where you can be yourself, get real support, & renew your energy

Join us on the Positivity Playground!

Our school membership program is an unlimited plan that gives your faculty and staff maximum flexibility to participate as and when it works best for them. 

We welcome new Member Schools in August each year. 

Individual employees of international and independent schools can join anytime.

Make a Commitment to Faculty and Staff Wellbeing Today

What Members Say About the Positivity Playground


Jamie Robb

Deputy Director of Academics
American School

of Guangzhou

"The Positivity Playground has been used in many ways by teachers across the school, so I would say that it is very personalized. Teachers are collaborating with other teachers, accessing resources, and setting goals. It is an excellent way to connect with others to collaborate or share stories and experiences.


The goal-setting aspect helps teachers make time to focus on themselves. Teachers can set goals that are connected to their well-being. Schools have structures in place to set goals focusing on academics, so it is an opportunity to enhance balance in our lives."

Olga Van Doorn.jpg

Olga Van Doorn

MS/HS Music, Head of Performing Arts

Dalian American

International School

"The Positivity Playground is a great platform where we can share our thoughts, highlight our ups and downs, and most importantly get immediate feedback and support from our peers and/or the Positivity Playground coaches.


As a result, our school's staff members feel heard and supported, they realize that they are not alone with their problems, and there is always someone in this world who can offer a warm word, be a good listener, or share an encouraging idea."

Griet Van Kuyck.jpg

Griet van Kuyck

Assistant to the Director of

Curriculum and Development

American School of The Hague

"Building positive reserves is what we need now and the Positivity Playground helps me to elevate my positivity ... and I can do it all at my own pace according to my own needs! I can already see a change in how some of our school community members who are a member of the Positivity Playground approach others, how they cheer each other on in the online community and strengthen their own positivity and that of others, but also how they communicate 'live' with others in a different way by being more attentive to what's positive in their collaboration or by picking up on and mentioning/acknowledging the positives in these stressful times."

Becki Bishop.png

Becki Bishop

HS Health & PE Teacher
American School

of The Hague

"Being part of a community that serves to lift others up is rewarding and good for the soul. The Positivity Playground is a great way to promote synergy in a work environment. Making wellbeing a top priority in school not only benefits the faculty and staff but has the potential to make immediate, positive changes in the lives of our students. 

Through an abundance of resources, events, topics to read, discuss, and self reflect on, the Positivity Playground has much to offer and should be implemented in all schools around the world."

Nancy Diehl.jpg

Nancy Diehl, PhD

Psychology & SEL Teacher
The Walworth Barbour

American International School of Israel

"The Positivity Playground offers a different outlet and style for professional development. Our community has appreciated the opt-in philosophy so that staff can connect synchronously and/or asynchronously. Additionally, the opportunity to connect with teachers and administrators at international schools in other countries has enriched the experience."

Kili Lay.jpg

Kili Lay

Director of Curriculum

and Staff Development

American School of The Hague

"I love that I have an answer to those who ask, 'How might we support faculty and staff wellbeing now, amid a global pandemic, with so much uncertainty and volatility?' The Positivity Playground is one way schools can show their commitment to wellbeing. It's a boost of what you need to feel better, to feel supported, to laugh, to connect with others who are interested in topics that are also of interest to you."

Join us on the Positivity Playground!

Our school membership program is an unlimited plan that gives your faculty and staff maximum flexibility to participate as and when it works best for them.

We welcome new Member Schools in August each year. 

Individual employees of international and independent schools can join anytime.